Provincial honors!Thirty-seven villages in Chenzhou were named and commended

Good news!Good news!Recently, The Agriculture and Rural Department of Hunan Province announced the selection list of 2021 provincial beautiful village model villages and featured high-quality villages, among which 28 villages, such as Yuefeng Village of Baohe Yao Nationality township, beihu District of Chenzhou City, were awarded as “provincial beautiful village model villagesRetting jiang town bamboo village “chenzhou city our county and other nine village named” provincial characteristic high-quality goods of country “see if there are any left left left at the provincial level down your hometown beautiful countryside demonstration village of chenzhou beihu (28) confirmed the municipality and month peak milford village town of yellow grass grass village yizhang yuxi town manifold jiahe general full house bay village township ray home village in our county village in rural east los hole your city civilization tung shan tsuen milford linwu countyFen town temple at yongxing county XiangYin cross streets yau tong village suxian district flying hills village of qingjiang lingguan AnRen county town, the ancient city of guiyang county bridge township hui dang village village endowment xing city states moji town pond house bay village yizhang day pond town Taiwan night village ferry AnRen county rural village of Shi Chong your spring city county town dry pond yao village Gao Ting yongxing county town of guiyang county ground oil village, ling jiang town SheXia village beihu China town LiYuan Village suxian district town of fertile landHeap village endowment xing city kisumu town soup village linwu county shun feng town xinhe fish village suxian district flying hills high chair ridge village guiyang county huangshaping street shaping ballast source before our county village village pond town called brigade village beihu China suxian district hsu family hole town home village Martin yongxing county town high warehouse village yizhang GuanXi provincial features boutique rural township of dongyuan village of chenzhou (9) our county retting jiang town bamboo village tower beihu China townWater village, capital city, Bailang town, Bailang village, Linwu County, Fen Town, Longguiping Village, Huatang Town, North Lake District, Wushan Village, Suxian District, Qifengdu Town, Zhuangmen Village, Suxian District, Xujiadong Town, Lanwangmiao Village, Guiyang County, he Town, Xishui Village, Yongxing County, Oil Ma Town, Xiqing Village congratulations!The leading Group for Rural Work of Hunan Provincial Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) said in a notice that it hoped the advanced units awarded the award would cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to promote high-quality development of beautiful villages.Local governments should give full play to the leading role of provincial-level model villages for beautiful villages and characteristic high-quality villages, work hard and take initiatives in implementing the rural revitalization strategy, and constantly improve the overall level of beautiful villages construction.This article is compiled and published by Nanguo Chenzhou website and hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.Editor: Liu Mucheng second instance: Xie Bin final instance: Wang Shoudong Yuan Junjie latest!Beihu District gradually open some public places latest!Beihu District gradually open some public places latest!All negative!

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