Returning to the Countryside to pay a New Year call (Prose)

Ms. Chen was the youngest of six sisters, two sisters and three brothers.The second day of the New Year is our thunder beat immovable schedule, but some special this year, more than ten days, the elder sister 60 years old, and the eldest brother home four ready to move to a new house.At the Spring Festival, some of the younger generation of the family who work outside have come back for the New Year, a lively is indispensable, everyone will go out in succession, so do the wedding to choose the right day is exquisite.After a discussion, the sisters suggested that the elder sister advance the birthday banquet. The longer the day is delayed, the family and friends will not be easy to gather together.Wayan went along with public opinion and arranged her birthday party on the third day of the New Year.Every family was busy during the New Year, so Ms. Chen broke the custom of returning to her mother’s home on the second day of the New Year. On the third day of the New Year, she went to the elder sister’s birthday banquet, and on the fourth day, she went to the eldest brother’s housewarming banquet, and paid her old mother a New Year’s visit.As a son-in-law, I made an appointment with my two brothers-in-law to visit my mother-in-law, pay a New Year call to the old man, and drop by my eldest brother’s house.My brother-in-law’s son Dahui soon drove over. We set out from the city and drove about half an hour to my mother-in-law’s house in the depths of the mountains.The old man was in his eighties, suffering from many ailments, but he looked hale and hearty, moving his legs around fine.It has been nearly three years since zhang’s death. In the past, the two old people lived together, and their spirits were always happier than in the days when they were widowed.The big brother’s new building has been decorated and looks very imposing from the outside.Eldest brother does carpenter one’s previous experience, these years decorate a few company of big city do manual work, earned a lot of money.Do this bridal chamber, the thing that decorate is undertaken by his one force, he works overtime day and night, this just catch up to decorate the house now, welcome new residence to move.We sent a congratulatory gift and bought fireworks, Dahui soon lit a few boxes of fireworks, temporarily firecrackers, fireworks skyrockets, deafening firecrackers resounded through the quiet village.Outside the gate has gathered a lot of friends and relatives, everyone’s face is permeated with a warm smile, acquaintances greeting each other, to wish a happy New Year!From the town invited the water table chef wearing hot pot is busy outside the door, a few women to help help, with dishes washing dishes, busy.Compared to the past, the host family is much more relaxed.Before 10:00, all the relatives came, shao Changxian gathering, a crowd of sages, in front of the house parked full of cars.Now almost every family in the countryside has bought a car, some big families, but also several cars.Father – in – law was a lively man, fond of wine and straight – tempered, and I think he would have been so happy to see such a lively scene today!As a busy man in the village, he would be invited to any wedding, funeral or auspicious day.Once, he took out some yellow ancient books and told me, “You are better educated. You should be able to understand some classical Chinese characters in these books.”If you are interested, I can teach you some knowledge of the eight trigrams, fortune-telling, feng shui, no problem in the future.But I wasn’t interested in those things, and he was disappointed that there was no one in the family to follow in his footsteps.All guests can go to the kitchen first to have a meal, each bowl of mushroom pork vermicelli, to show the host’s hospitality.At noon the banquet officially began, each room filled with tables, has extended to the outside of the court, look at the situation, about fifteen or sixteen tables.A procession of steaming dishes arrived, full of specialty dishes, much cheaper than at the big hotels in the city.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the guests raised their glasses, and for a while, the wine, laughter and noise, very lively.The second brother used to be the director of the village committee in the village. These years, he and the second wife have been doing business and doing a good family sideline.He had a wide circle of friends, a generous manner, and at the age of over 50, he still had a lot in his father-in-law’s DNA.At the end of the banquet, when he saw off the guests, his face flushed with red, he uttered bold words with the strength of wine and said with deep emotion, “NOW I see clearly that life in this world is what it is. We should eat, we should drink, and we should be happy.”His brother took him by the hand and agreed with him, the one looking a little excited and obviously drunk.The second brother told me a story. He told me that a friend named Changli who used to be his best friend in Wanzili became rich now. In recent years, he opened an aluminum factory in the provincial capital and ran sales business, earning 1.5 million yuan last year alone.He sighed from this, a person to turn over is a fleeting thing, think that chang Li home but poor jingle ring.Mrs. Chen told me that my second brother’s two sons were getting married this year. He told his brothers and sisters excitedly that if you had prepared all the gift money, I would have two wives next year.Everyone laughed, said, this is happy thing, as long as your home has the ability to get married, we these people gift gold a cent will not be less, anyway sooner or later will have this!His only daughter Lingzi married to a neighboring village and gave birth to two girls. His son-in-law Yezi studied car repair and worked outside all the time. He went to Kyrgyzstan two years ago and never came back.Reiko was a young woman who had suffered a lot with her two children. She looked depressed and ill.Ling zi’s situation even her grandmother can not go down, the old lady distressed granddaughter, said, What is the matter with Ye Zi, don’t change heart, someone outside?Don’t ruin ling zi, divorce early, don’t ruin a lifetime!Everyone felt that the old man was right, but honest officials could not do housework, and others could not intervene.Compared with the second brother, the eldest brother and the sons-in-law of the third brother’s family were much better.Most of them do business outside, have a house and a car, mix the wind fresh water, or sleek, or simple and honest, are the breadwinner, the young husband and wife hehemeimei, save the elder brother and sister-in-law a lot of worry!On the fourth day of the year, I went back to the countryside to take a walk, take a look, a lot of harvest.In the New Year, I wish everyone can live a happy life.

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