The crying scene of Lei Jiayin in The World has made netizens call it “a sense of substitution”.

The hit TV series “The World” has attracted a lot of attention and ratings. Adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Liang Xiaosheng, the period drama has won praise from many netizens.A voice said, “There is a sense of time, can feel the simple emotion of people at that time.”As the plot progresses, the traditional relationship between the father and his young son in the protagonist Zhou’s family gives the audience a strong sense of representation. “Lei Jiayin’s explosive crying scenes are amazing!”Comments such as “in-depth interpretation of the Chinese-style father-son relationship” were also praised.Zhou Zhigang and Zhou Bingkun’s father and son get along mode, can give you a strong sense of resonance.In the early episodes, father, brother and sister all leave home to work, with the youngest son, Chow Bingkun, staying by his mother’s side.I thought it would be the best, but after the resumption of the college entrance examination, my older brothers and sisters were admitted to famous universities, while Joo was a small worker in a soy sauce factory.To New Year’s day, highly educated brother and sister, poet brother-in-law and governor daughter sister-in-law was praised by the neighborhood, A Zhou Bingkun was completely ignored, education is Zhou Bingkun mai gap.Zhou Bingkun was embarrassed, his face gradually solidified, fortunately, Zheng Juan next to comfort, but his father did not react, more like a knife in the heart of Zhou Bingkun.After the conflict with his brother, his father pulled the frame again to Zhou Bingkun heart a blow, unilateral estrangement, fortunately in Zheng Juan’s persuasion, went to the station to send his father.But to the station, the father found zhou Bingkun’s source of inferiority, can not bear patience, poke its pain points, take care of the mother, sister’s children to help others raise children.Father and son two people have a deep emotion, but are stubborn as hell, who would not bow, and stalemate for a long time.Father starts the conversation mode, chow’s response is stiff and a little trance.Later, the camera shows Chow bingkun, with tears in his eyes and some astonishment in his eyes, staring at his father.His timid movements betrayed his present agitation.His father kept beating, and Choo bingkun unconsciously shed tears. His body trembled slightly, but he said, “I never regret being born in the light movie,” which made many viewers burst into tears.In the father’s questions, Zhou Bingkun completely broke out, will be buried deep in the bottom of the unwilling and anger are vented out.Delicate interpretation, to create the image of a neglected son.Zhou’s father and son care for each other speechless and awkward, poke in a lot of family pain, thought-provoking.Statement: I reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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