China suffered an up-and-down goal-line humiliation against Iran

Does anyone else remember what game this is?Iran’s Borhani’s humiliating goal stung the hearts of every Chinese football fan, but also let the Chinese Olympic players deeply hurt.Chinese players know shame after the yong, extra – time in the score.They were eliminated 7-8 on penalties by Iran.The final result of the game although lost, but the performance of the National football team is worthy of praise!2006 Asian Games quarterfinal, China and Iran staged a ups and downs of the game.Over age player Zheng Zhi joined, let this only known as the Golden generation of Chinese football team is expected.But the course of the game was unexpected.Iran opened the scoring on a counter-attack in the 39th minute of the first half.But the manner in which Iran’s No. 10 Borhani scored was outrageous, even unsportsmanlike.After passing goalkeeper Wang Dalei, Borhani chose not to shoot directly, but stopped the ball on the edge of the bar and raised his hands to his players to celebrate before scoring with ease.This way of scoring is simply an insult to the Chinese players on the field.In the subsequent game, the Chinese players after the humiliation yong launched a desperate counterattack.In the 51st minute, feng xiaoting took advantage of a corner kick from the right to create confusion in the Iran penalty area and volleyed past the goalkeeper’s hand.The goal gave the Chinese team a great boost.Tied in regular time, the game went into extra time.Zhou Haibin scored 2-1 in the 98th minute of extra time after Zheng Zhi took the ball from the right and slotted through the defence.Only 8 minutes, guoao defense serious make offside errors, Jaral in the face of Wang Dalei’s attack will hit the ball, the two sides again back to the same starting line.In the 114th minute, China had a golden chance to score the winner when Zhou Haibin hit the post after a botched clearance.After 120 minutes of fierce competition, China lost to Iran in a penalty shootout.This game, although the Chinese team to accept the goal of the way, but in the subsequent game, The Chinese team after shame yong.We lost the game but it was commendable!

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