Gangcheng District invested 250 million yuan in mountain ecological restoration

Jinan – This year, Gangcheng District will invest 250 million yuan, the construction of mountain ecological restoration and management (sports park) project, the project mainly relies on huangyang Mountain, Moshi Mountain, Luan Jialing natural mountain, with the layout of the park, landscaping, part of the bare mountain ecological restoration and management,Four mountain parks, including Huangyangshan Park, Youth Park, Moshishan Park and Luanjialing Park, have been built in accordance with local conditions. The green road running through the mountain has been built for 7 kilometers, with a green area of about 235 hectares.Increase green quantity, improve facilities, strengthen services, improve people’s quality of life, improve mountain ecological environment.As a traditional mining area, Gangcheng District actively implements the concept that green mountains are gold and silver mountains, and continues to invest heavily in ecological environment.Last year to start big brunei river basin ecosystem management project plan with a total investment of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, greatly improve the flood control capacity at the same time, repair the beauty of natural, smooth, shore of ecological landscape, accomplish great brunei river 37 kilometers and 10 tributary of systematized management and build throughout the steel city of the whole domain of thyme brunei river protection, landscape, tourism, carry out ecological environment recovery management plan as a whole,We will build a solid ecological security barrier and comprehensively improve the quality of urban living.Source: Dazhong Daily

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