Renovation of old residential areas, the masses have the final say

It is easy to make small repairs, but difficult to improve the quality and efficiency of the living area of the 14th Bureau of Hydropower in Qilin District.How to do a good job in the renovation of old residential areas, the work to the masses on the heart?The departments of housing construction, development and reform of our province focused on the needs of the people and took the opportunity of “I do practical things for the people” practice activity to list the renovation of old residential areas as an important livelihood project to strengthen the weak points and strong points, so as to ensure the improvement of the living environment of the people and effectively improve their sense of happiness and gain.How to change the residents into the qilin district of Qujing City hydropower bureau 14 living area, I saw the wide smooth road, orderly parking space, green belt flowers in full bloom, in order, people feel comfortable.However, before the transformation of the community is not this appearance.Mr. Chen, 69, said that the community is located in the downtown district of Qujing happiness Lane, but because of old housing, the environment “dirty and messy,” coupled with no management, living here is not happy.Similar to the living area of hydropower Bureau 14, there are living areas of textile factories.Due to the long construction time, the housing leakage, poor environmental sanitation in the community, sewage cross flow, the problem of water for living caused great troubles to the daily life of residents.The residential area is mostly elderly retired workers, low wage income.Before the transformation, the living environment here makes everyone feel helpless.Resident Uncle Cui said: “In the past, the most afraid of driving with neighbors in the neighborhood, often do not make a mistake to drive, both back and forth.In addition, the sewer pipes are often gushing with sewage and have to be cleaned regularly every month.”At the beginning of 2021, the living areas of the 14th Hydropower Bureau and the living areas of the textile factory were listed in the renovation list of the old residential areas in Qilin District, Qujing City.Prophase, kirin district jurisdiction street community live built bureau, in the presence of the village of illness, the old village transformation demand diversity, different main body, scattered resources, such as the actual situation, listen to each department, transform the residents intend to strong outstanding problems into the reform scheme, choose by community residents autonomy “to order” renovation project, do “a school policy”.Fengning Street, Wuhua District, Kunming city also launched three renovation projects of old residential areas in 2021, involving 6,079 households.In order to satisfy the residents, before the reconstruction, the streets through questionnaires, household surveys and other forms of collection of people’s concerns about the key, hot issues, and has held 18 public opinion talks, to ask the people.”The masses have the final say on reform;The masses decide where to change;The public will judge how well the reform works.”FengNing street working committee deputy secretary li hao said, according to the grid partition way, give play to the role of grass-roots party organization leadership, by the community party coalesced, guide the orderly participation, owners, residents set up living and old village renovation project parties cooperated-builing bridge, the old village transformation decision-making and supervision to the resident, through the participation of residents, supervision,The work efficiency of district reconstruction has also been improved.Multi-channel crack funds difficult reporters visited several old village project found that due to the old old residential area construction, the original building materials, drainage pipe, line voltage, etc, and now there is a big gap between the actual demand, and these just is the key to the residents living comfortable or not, is also a large funding gap.In order to solve the problem of capital, Qujing and Yuxi increased the efforts to attract investment, leveraged social capital, broadened the integration of capital channels, and ensured that the reconstruction funds to satisfy the masses.It is understood that since 2019, Qujing city has received a total of 965 million yuan of subsidies for the renovation of old residential areas, and implemented the renovation of 69,397 old residential areas.In 2021, the city’s old town village reconstruction task for 26964, for the complete reconstruction task, qujing city, according to the principle of who benefits and who pays, by filling a little of the central government, local government and match point, property right unit one, pipeline raised a little, a little compassion enterprise donation, community residents gather together a little way, integration of funds raised through multiple channels.”In the renovation of old residential areas, the most popular demands of the masses are the introduction of intelligent monitoring, access control, installation of parking systems, etc., and the increase of these infrastructure, need to have capital injection.”According to the relevant person in charge of the housing and Construction Bureau of Asan Yi Autonomous County, the reconstruction plan is determined for projects with an approval rate of more than 90%. After the plan is reported to the housing and construction department, we will first strive for financial support from relevant departments.If there is no financial support, it can also raise funds by itself or absorb social capital.In terms of financing, the relevant departments of Asan County actively guide the owners’ committees to lease the right to use parking Spaces in some communities, and use the rental income to solve the problem of insufficient funds for reconstruction.Wangqiying residential area, Panlong District, Kunming city was built in 1993. Due to backward planning, lack of property management, disorderly construction of private buildings, poor traffic and other prominent problems.Residents here used to joke: “It’s better to tear down and rebuild if it’s not well managed.”Wang Qiying community Party secretary Li Suping said, in view of the above problems, Panlong district union street actively explore in Wang Qiying community to carry out environmental construction, safe construction, service construction – based community micro governance benefit project.Newly built community ZongZhi command center set the reception, conflict mediation, and to monitor, linkage command at an organic whole, through the software and hardware measures of wisdom, let the community management from “tour” tour “net”, ZongZhi by post-processing to advance prevention and control work, woven into the informationization “safe net”, enhances the working efficiency.Looking at the clean and safe neighborhood, residents said happily, “Now that the environment is better, we are reluctant to move.”In the transformation of old residential areas, suitable for aging transformation is also a bright spot.In November 2021, residents of Jiahuali Residential area, Wuhua District, Kunming City, used the newly installed elevator, and the property company’s attitude of working for the people was praised.It is understood that Jia Huali residential area is located in daguan Commercial city, a total of 11 units of 8 buildings, because there is no elevator in the residential area, the elderly people living here up and down the floor is very inconvenient.The staff of Kunming Yuquan Property Management Co., LTD., which is responsible for the property management of the community, understood the residents’ ideas and submitted an application to relevant departments to install the elevator. In June 2021, the elevator company came to the site for construction and installed the shared elevator.In November 2021, the elevator was officially put into use.Kunming Yuquan Property Management Co., Ltd. said that although the proportion of elderly residents in the community is not high, but the installation of elevators has been supported by most residents.Resident Zhang Ming said, “With the elevator, the elderly can travel more easily and smile more.”(Yunnan Daily reporter Wang Yiwen/Photo)

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