“Safety Tips” The Public security bureau of Bingcheng will send you the “tips” for the safety of returning to work after the holiday

The epidemic is not over yet. Please pay attention to prevention when resuming work and production. At the same time, please be careful of fraud such as selling fake masks, refunding and changing bus and boat tickets, offering fake “love”, providing hospital beds and selling fake medicines.Bingcheng public security tips: to buy masks, alcohol, disinfectant, temperature gun and other epidemic prevention supplies or drugs, as well as love donations, must go to the formal official channels.Do not click on the website sent by strange numbers. If you encounter the information of ticket refund and change, you need to verify with the official customer service.Do not easily divulge personal identity information, bank card information and all kinds of verification code.Never transfer money to a stranger easily.Article 1 As all kinds of production and operation units resume work and production one after another, the traffic flow of main highways in our city increases significantly, and the risk of traffic accidents caused by such illegal behaviors as tired driving and speeding increases.Bingcheng public security reminds you: self-driving drivers should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle before going out, focusing on checking the vehicle steering, braking, lighting, tire pressure, pattern and wiper.Do not overspeed, fatigue driving and distracted driving on the road. In bad weather, please always keep in mind “slow down, control distance and bright tail”.Workers returning by passenger vehicles or chartered vehicles should fasten seat belts during the whole journey.Enterprises that charter vehicles to transport workers should carry out safety checks on vehicles before travel. Drivers should be familiar with the road conditions in advance, plan the driving route and rest points on the way, and put an end to fatigue driving.3. Beware of telecom network fraud “new tricks” to resume work after the holiday personnel to beware of some criminals using non-contact resumption of work, home isolation and other scenarios, the implementation of new telecom network fraud.In order to improve the prevention awareness of the general public, Harbin Public Security Bureau sorted out four typical types of fraud recently: one is claiming to sell epidemic prevention materials at low prices;Second, using the online teaching platform to swindle money;The third is the claim that “unsecured” lending fraud;Fourthly, it claims to recruit people to do part-time jobs at home.Bingcheng police remind, in the current resumption of work and production period, the general public should be further vigilant, do not be deceived by lawbreakers.If any people find themselves cheated, they can report to the police immediately and collect communication records, chat records and money transfer records to provide legal and effective evidence for the police to solve the case.4. Fire prevention and theft in early spring spring is always the season of fire theft.Due to dry climate and cold weather, the use of fire and electricity has increased greatly, the cause of fire has increased, and the risk of fire has increased.In order to strengthen the autumn fire safety and electricity safety, improve everyone’s safety awareness, nip in the dark, the public security of Bingcheng reminds everyone to pay attention to the following aspects: household appliances should be placed carefully, indoor smoking hidden dangers, gas carefully prevent leakage, escape passage ban sundry, autumn harvest yard heavy safety, fire appliances should be standing.At the same time, theft cases are also prone to multiple, to bear in mind: actively cooperate with the management of property management personnel, consciously take good care of all kinds of anti-theft facilities, units, home do not store a large amount of cash, do not casually bring strangers home.The period of resumption of work is the period of high incidence of all kinds of accidents. The following main factors should be paid attention to: 1.Post-holiday syndrome 2. Safety hazards of on-site facilities and equipment 3. Over-intensity rush production.Please pay attention to the following six common dangers: 1. Illegal operation 2. Safety device failure 3.Use unsafe equipment 4. Use hands instead of tools 5. Venture into dangerous places 6. Climb and sit in unsafe positions.

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