I will never buy a Chinese car again!Quality control of domestic cars is very poor

This is an SUV of a domestic brand that I have been mentioning for less than two months (for fear of being accused of car hacking, I will not say which brand it is). When I was washing my car over the weekend, I found that the door handle on the right side was cracked. I could not press it in after a long time.Originally full of confidence to buy a domestic car, the results did not expect to be treated as leek car enterprises!My other colleague, 19W landing of a domestic luxury brand car, drove less than half a year, the pilot and passenger seats open, the back of the two seats, the lower part of the headrest open, domestic car, really want to say: love you not easy ah!Deeply feel their IQ is pressed on the floor friction, foreigners lie to me, I will accept, but Chinese lie to me I can not accept!All say that the motherland is the mother, like others cheat me 100 thousand, I recognize, but my mother cheat me 100 thousand, I really can not accept, sincerely advise you rational patriotic, car is like a woman, what is the use of bright appearance?We want to marry someone who can live down to earth!(Above content from net friend) Vehicle quality control this thing, in fact, it is really difficult to talk about, a lot of times we buy a car, there is a certain element of luck, may be the same car, others buy that there is no problem, but you buy that there will be a bunch of messy problems.Moreover, this is not only the case for domestic cars, but also for joint-venture cars. Many joint-venture cars also have more or less defects. After all, a car is an industrial product, not a work of art, so it is impossible to make it perfect.Of course, relatively speaking, the assembly process of joint venture cars and imported cars is indeed more advanced than many domestic cars, there is indeed a gap in this aspect, but the gap between our domestic cars is slowly narrowing.Another is to buy domestic cars, I still recommend you to buy mainstream brands, hafu ah, Changan ah, BYD ah, Geely ah, these brands of cars, quality control is relatively safe, many minority brands, I really do not recommend you to consider, may be a pit.

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