Ninth gold, still see childhood sweetheart

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong of China won the ninth gold medal of figure skating pairs free skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 19 night, scoring 239.88 points.Another Chinese pair, Peng Cheng and Jin Yang, also competed in the free skating competition and ranked fifth with a total of 214.84 points.Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won gold MEDALS in pairs skating at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.Tonight, their students Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the event for China again.Han cong and Sui wenjing, both from the ice city of Harbin, have been partners since 2007, when Han Was 15 and Sui was 12.The pair, who were childhood sweethearts, have been dancing on ice for 15 years.This is their second winter Olympics.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, they ranked first in the short program, but made a mistake in the free skate and missed out by 0.43 points.This winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong again scored 84.41 points in the short program, ranking first.The Russian Olympic Team’s three pairs were second, third and fourth.However, their scores were close, with only 0.16 points separating the second-place finisher from the Chinese pair.Free skating competition, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong finale, the song is “The Golden Bridge over the Sad River”.It was the same repertoire they used to win the 2017 World Championships.The ballad is soft and elegant, expressing the feeling of mutual support between friends.Han Cong has a romantic interpretation of this: “We used this program in 2017, when Sui Wenjing had surgery, and I had to wait for her to return to the ice, like a bridge to give her support and strength.Sui Wenjing became my bridge when I had the operation.”When Sui suffered a serious injury and underwent ankle surgery in 2016, at the age of 21, she doubted she would ever be able to stand on the ice again.In April last year, Han cong also underwent hip surgery.In the most difficult times for partners, they give each other the most sincere care, the strongest support.Now, the old songs are back, and the two are slipping into new meanings.”We finally worked out a new program with Laurie (Canadian choreographer),” says Han. “To tell the story well, we need new elements. We put a lot of thought into the design of lifts, spirals and other details.””At this moment, there may be many people who are far away and cannot see each other. I hope we can bring the power of ‘bridge’ to everyone through our program.Just like the new Olympic slogan ‘More United’, we hope that through our programs, we can build a bridge with the audience and with everyone, so that there is a strength in everyone’s heart, and we can be more united and fight against difficulties together.”Live up to expectations, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong in the melodious song, made a beautiful difficult movements, intoxicating.At the end of the song, Sui Wenjing snuggled close to Han Cong’s chest and shed tears of excitement.It was a nearly perfect performance.In the end, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won 155.47 points in free skating, the highest in the competition.No matter in the short program or in the free skate, the Chinese pair got the highest score in the competition, and they were worthy champions.Twelve years back, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo realized their Olympic gold medal dream. On September 4, the couple held a wedding ceremony at the Capital Gymnasium, creating a sporting sensation in the world.Now, as their students repeat their Olympic glory, will the romance repeat itself?Article/Hubei Daily reporter Tong Junpeng guo Xiaoming from Beijing/Xinhua News Agency

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