Shandong province: “Intangible cultural Heritage + e-commerce” opens the way for rural revitalization

The rural revitalization strategy is a major decision and deployment made by the CPC Central Committee.In recent years, Shandong has actively promoted the advantage that intangible cultural heritage, especially traditional handicrafts, can be found in urban and rural villages and connected with thousands of families. A number of policies have been issued to promote rural revitalization, a number of new formats of rural intangible cultural heritage have been developed, and a number of leading brands of rural intangible cultural heritage have been formed.At present, with the help of digital economy, online e-commerce and other new means of development, “INTANGIBLE cultural Heritage plus” is driving the rise of domestic goods and domestic trends, and rural culture and tourism consumption is booming.Public data shows that more than 73 percent of China’s intangible cultural heritage projects are preserved in traditional villages.The 2021 Intangible Cultural Heritage E-commerce Development Report released a set of data: in the past year, 14 industrial belts of intangible cultural heritage projects had an annual transaction volume of 100 million yuan on Taobao tmall;Compared with two years ago, the number of intangible cultural heritage stores opened on Taobao live has increased by 115 percent;More than 67 percent of intangible cultural heritage Taobao owners found inheritors in shop operation.It can be seen that digital support has directly narrowed the distance between intangible cultural heritage products and consumers, especially for the majority of rural areas, which not only inspires the enthusiasm of inheriting people to inherit skills and integrate into the market, but also injects more endogenous impetus into rural revitalization.Under the guidance of the new trend, Shandong has strengthened top-level design and integrated superior resources to guide the exploration of intangible cultural heritage into public life by holding such activities as The Shandong Intangible cultural Heritage Shopping Festival and the Video broadcast of the Year of Hometown.From 2020 to now, Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival has been held two times, both through the Shandong culture and tourism benefit consumer season issued benefit consumption voucher subsidies, in the way of online and offline interaction for consumers and businesses to benefit.For example, the online link of Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival in 2021 is jointly created by Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Alibaba, JINGdong, and other e-commerce platforms. A special event of “Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival” is set up on to promote 28 high-quality intangible cultural heritage shops with Shandong characteristics, such as Xiao Mo Sesame oil and Wangcun vinegar.In jingdong intangible Heritage shopping festival also opened a special “Hospitable Shandong”.Target consumer market, the Spring Festival in January, 2022, shandong launched the “culture into m — live video home years” activities, as of Feb. 8, the trill, quickly, B station platform, such as “shandong festival atmosphere in the intangible” topic, the heritage protection agencies throughout the shandong, non genetic bearing upload video playback volume of more than 400 million times,Various subjects also carried out various forms of live broadcast activities such as goods sales and skills training.Chenlou Village, Laiwu District, Jinan city is a famous professional village of sugar melon. From more than 10 years ago, the price of “Chen Lou sugar melon” could not be sold to today’s “Internet celebrity” products, the role of e-commerce platform is indispensable.It is reported that during this year’s Spring Festival, sales of products related to “Chen Lou Sugar melon” reached 7 million yuan.At present, the country has 38 home appliance business distribution of this product, its output from the original annual 1.05 million tons to now 3.5 million tons.”After we participated in the ‘Year of Hometown video Broadcast’ this year, more than 20 ‘Internet celebrities’ came to the village to film the production skills of tangmelon, driving up the sales of tangmelon and also gathering popularity for the village.Most importantly, villagers are more convinced that they can earn more money through this skill.”Chen Lou sugar melon production technology non genetic successor Chen Dianqi said.Relying on electricity sales channels, some full of local characteristics of farming culture traveling product is able to output to the outside, is no longer in “the corner that is forgotten”, at the same time, shandong also bred around the hatch a batch of taobao, taobao town village, formed the scale effect of intangible related industry, thus promote the rural industry model transformation and the consumption structure upgrade.The development and change of Wantou Village, Jinqiu Street, Boxing County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province is a fresh example.According to An Zhiqing, party secretary and village committee director of Wantou Village, which is one of the first “Taobao villages” in China, the village has been promoting the integrated development of intangible cultural heritage (straw and willow weaving) and e-commerce as an important driving force for rural revitalization.At present, there are more than 50 straw and willow weaving handicraft enterprises in the village, more than 2000 people directly engaged in e-commerce, with 26 express companies and 5 logistics companies at the same time, but also spawned carton production, solid wood processing and other supporting industries, expand the industrial structure, lengthen the industrial chain.”In order to adapt to the characteristics of e-commerce sales, we continue to meet the young group’s pursuit of novelty and individuality of consumer demand, made a number of grass and willow weaving decorative paintings, ornaments and other derivatives.”Wang Guizhi, a handicrafts artist in the village, said that these ingenious ideas and new designs not only injected a new era into the INTANGIBLE cultural heritage, but also won widespread recognition from consumers.It is reported that Boxing County relying on grass and willow weaving, old coarse cloth two projects to establish an e-commerce industrial park, using the “training + base + e-commerce” mode of operation, to achieve annual online sales of more than 500 million yuan.In addition, Shandong has explored potential consumer demand and improved intelligent services by deepening the pilot program of “Intangible cultural Heritage in communities” and creating a new model of rural tourism.”A farmer in Qingdao, for example, by implementing” project, promote Qingdao agricultural products into the community, in hundreds of offline community supermarket set intangible zones, exhibit the liuting pig’s feet, cieme, alcohol and other intangible product, at the same time, also in group-buying community platform, realize online order, bulk booking intangible products, with the analysis of platform big data manufacturing-according-to-sale, fine products.This has not only created a new type of intangible cultural heritage in rural areas (communities), but also provided effective experience in promoting consumption and upgrading industries through multi-party linkage.(Sun Congcong, China Culture Daily)

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