The forest coverage rate in Shanxi reached 23.57 percent and will increase by 2.5 percentage points in five years

On January 25, the provincial forestry and grassland bureau news, the cause of forestry and grass in our province to hand over a bright reply – the province’s forest area has reached 5542.93 million mu, forest coverage rate reached 23.57%, as scheduled to achieve the “13th Five-Year plan” forest coverage rate of more than 23.5% of the binding index.According to introducing, in recent years, our province is breaking point with key regional ecological breakthrough, lock in lu-liang mountains ecological fragile areas, ring beijing-tianjin-hebei area important water source, vegetation restoration area, ecological barrier barren hills area, along the passage as a whole to promote afforestation, YingZaoLin more than 2300, ten thousand acres, more than 4.6 million mu of annual average YingZaoLin, compulsory tree planting 250 million strains, 2500 green village.In particular, since 2018, the province has launched a major project to protect and restore the taihang Mountain and Luliang Mountain ecosystems, allocating more than 90% of the annual afforestation tasks to 81 counties (cities and districts) in the Taihang Mountain and Luliang Mountain regions, creating a new pattern of ecological restoration and protection featuring the layout of the whole river basin, the governance of the whole mountain system and the promotion of regionalization.At the same time, strong measures will be taken to protect forest resources.We have intensified supervision over forest resources, and, by applying remote sensing technology and other scientific means, organized and carried out forest supervision that covers all areas and has no blind spots, promptly and accurately discovering violations of laws and regulations that damage forest resources, and effectively realizing the transition from “passive discovery and campaign-based investigation” to “early detection, early prevention and early investigation”.We will promote law enforcement by satellite images of forest land, and realize early detection, early reminder, early investigation and early report of illegal encroachment on forest land.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, our province will continue to write the new music of the province’s land greening, and promote the high-quality development of forest and grass undertakings.Tightly around lu-liang mountains ecological barrier and TaiYueShan of zhongtiao mountains ecological barrier, deepening ShanShuiLinTian HuCao sand protection and restoration of integration, system implementation of afforestation and soil and water conservation, lakes wetland protection, restoration of biodiversity, such as various tasks, focus on building “three screen four group of five” area afforestation system, promote the natural ecosystem benign sustainable cycle.Vigorously carry out afforestation, explore afforestation by forest rights, and develop forestry economy. By 2025, the barren mountains suitable for afforestation in the Yellow River Basin will be basically afforested, and the forest coverage rate of the whole province will increase by 0.5 percentage points every year and 2.5 percentage points in five years.Source: Wechat official account of Shanxi Provincial People’s Government

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