22 years old Lee Enquan performing sleeves junho and Lee Shirong good relationship, love Thai boxing, debut for 15 years!

“Zombie Campus” average 20 years old MZ generation, in addition to the audience more fresh, but also let a new generation of Actors in South Korea.It proved that if you have a good story, you don’t have to rely on famous actors to make your own way.In the play, as the character of loyalty, export into dirty “Pu Meizhen” actor Lee Enquan, super personality of the performance of the circle of many fans, the original earlier she had appeared in the popular drama “sleeve red edge”, as de Ren bestie Ying Ji, no wonder this familiar ah!She made her debut as a child star in 2007 and even hosted a children’s show.Although he is only 22 years old, he has been acting for 15 years.Her high school performance in “Black Dog” convinced her to pursue a full career as an actress, and in the next two years she released “Sleeves” and “Zombie School.””Sleeve red edge” and Li Shirong into boudoir performance “sleeve” Yingji one corner, and play palace girl feelings are very good.Despite the age difference, they are still like sisters of the same age.After filming ended, the maids formed a climbing club and decided to meet once a month, she said.However, not only is he friendly with Lee Se-young, he also seems to have a good relationship with Jun Ho, sharing photo posts on IG.And the ancient dress up of her, and “zombie campus” in the Beauty of Jane fall very big ah!In “Zombie Campus”, played the role of Park Meizen, although the mouth is very bad, very like sour people also love to talk dirty, but in the important moment will never give up friends, reverse charm circle many fans.According to the actress, the series was filmed before sleeves and she likes the character of Mi-jin very much.I also hope that if there is a second season, it will be dramatized.Aspiring to be a good archer in the show, she actually enjoys sports so much in private that she even won an amateur Muay Thai championship.In the future, I want to challenge the role of an athlete.Private clothes wear take eyeball “sleeve” “zombie campus” play no matter ancient clothes or student clothes, uniform specifications!However, the private dress has a fashion sense of personality and intellectual beauty.Can be elegant, but also can be spontaneous.It’s a treasure girl!Netflix’s first exclusive Korean drama “Zombie Campus” Spring Festival bite!Don’t go for a long trip when the epidemic is raging. Watching TV dramas at home is the best choice!Haven’t caught up with friends, do not miss ah!The 12 episodes will be released on January 28th!

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