A mother in Zhejiang province who died after 26 years of searching for her son turned out to be a wechat friend

Xu Jianfeng message “all the way good Aunt Yang” sanmen County media center for the picture in Taizhou, March 15 (Fan Yubin Zhang Xueyao Zhang Lei) recently, a “mother looking for son for 26 years, his son was a wechat friend” hot search topic in the circle of relatives spread.Yang suhui’s son xu Jianfeng, who was abducted in 1991, was finally found after the police took blood samples for confirmation.In 2016, the two parties used to friend each other on wechat, but missed the meeting due to the location of the birthmark. Unfortunately, Yang Suhui passed away in 2017.On March 14, After 31 years away from home, Xu Jianfeng finally returned to his hometown in Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. He cried in front of his mother’s grave.Xu Jianfeng, who was abducted 31 years ago, drove 14 hours from Huizhou in Guangdong province to meet his family at 10 PM on March 13, sanmen county said On Sunday.That night, his relatives, who had been waiting for nearly three hours outside the hotel, rushed to him with flowers in their hands, sobbing, “Welcome home, welcome home…”Xu jianfeng was born in 1987 in Taizhou, where his mother, Yang Suhui, was a teacher and his father was a businessman in Guangzhou.In 1991, when my father was injured, my mother took her two children to Guangzhou to take care of him.Four-year-old Xu Jianfeng was abducted from nanfang Mansion in Guangzhou in June that year.After Xu Jianfeng lost, Yang Suhui’s life changed dramatically.The couple divorced, Yang Suhui chose to stay in Guangzhou, she lost her son in the South building to find a job, once the clue, a person ran out to find the child, footprint throughout the country.In 2014, Yang suhui lost sight in her left eye after crying all day. She was later found to have lung cancer, but she continued to look for a son.Yang suhui’s search for her son was reported by the media in 2016, and Xu jianfeng, who has known he was abducted since childhood, has been trying to find his biological parents.After seeing the news that Yang Suhui was sick and looking for her son, he added the wechat account of his biological mother, Yang Suhui, but the two sides missed the recognition because of some differences in characteristics.The two have been wechat friends for more than a year since 2016.In 2017, Yang Suhui passed away sadly.Sadly, just eight minutes after Yang suhui’s obituary notice was posted on wechat at 3:30 a.m., Xu jianfeng wrote the first comment on the post: “All the way, Aunt Yang.”After Yang Suhui passed away, there were still many parents who took Yang Suhui’s notice and rushed to different parts of the country to fulfill the last wish of the mother who had fallen on the road to find her son.In February 2022, Xu Jianfeng received a call from the local police in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, telling him to come to the police station to collect blood.On March 5, he received a phone call from the police saying the DNA match was successful and that his biological mother was Yang Suhui, a “wechat friend” with whom he had spoken for more than a year.On March 13, Xu jianfeng, accompanied by sun Haiyang, Zheng Jinwei and other parents and volunteers, drove 14 hours from Huizhou, Guangdong province to sanmen County, his hometown.Recognition scene, Xu Jianfeng and family hug, sobbing, emotional stability, Xu Jianfeng sat in the middle of his father and sister, three people tightly clenched together.”You have your mother’s eyes. It reminds me of her again.”I don’t know which relatives said such a sentence, xu Jianfeng heard this words on his face more than a bit lonely.”I have mixed feelings right now, excited, but also sorry…”Xu jianfeng said.”By the time she was walking away, the cancer had spread to her brain. She didn’t remember anything, not even me, but she did remember to look for her son.”In order to fulfill his mother’s last wish, Xu jianfeng’s sister has been asking the volunteer team to help find his brother after their mother passed away.In the early morning of March 14, Xu Jianfeng, accompanied by his relatives, went to the Sanmen Central Cemetery to pay homage to his mother.”Mother, my son has come to see you.”In front of his mother’s gravestone, Xu jianfeng fell to his knees and cried.After placing the flowers and fruits, he picked up a towel and carefully wiped the tablet.On the front of the gravestone is engraved the words “Looking for the tomb of Yang Suhui’s son”, while on the back, the following words are engraved: “I wish I knew everything was empty, but SADLY I did not see xiao Jianfeng…Yang Suhui, after ups and downs, blood to find son, footprints throughout the north and south, as many as 20 provinces and cities, she pain broken liver and intestines, think son into disease, lie down here, wish unfinished, with sorrow jiuquan…”All those who see this epitaph sigh for a mother who lost half her life searching for her son.However, now, xiao Jianfeng has finally been found, Yang aunt’s last wish has been realized.Over the years, xu jianfeng is one of many abducted people who have finally been able to find their biological parents after enduring untold hardships. The exciting news also brings hope to parents who are still searching for lost children.”Parents who have not found their children, you should trust the government, trust the public security, all abducted children will be found!”Sun Haiyang, who gave Yang the confidence to continue her search, told the volunteers who came from all over China to look for her son at Yang’s grave.At noon, Xu jianfeng met his relatives in Sanmen County one by one. At the end of the family dinner, which crossed time and space, Xu jianfeng said: “My wish is that all the babies can come home safely in 2022.”It is reported that the Ministry of Public Security issued a document recently, starting from March 1 to launch a special campaign against the crime of trafficking in women and children.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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