How to build septic tanks

The construction method of septic tank is as follows: 1. Select the site according to the specification, roughly locate it, spread lime line according to the size and shape of septic tank, and set aside bricks or cast-in-place area around it.According to the design drawings, the soil was excavated to a depth of about 120 cm in three square manure ponds.Lay 5cm of crushed stone bedding on the subbase and fill it with 8cm of cement.2. The wall of cement septic tank should be carried out in accordance with a certain size, and two isolation walls must be built in the middle of the three-compartment septic tank.When masonry walls, a defecation pipe shall be laid in advance.In the septic tank filled with cement, the formwork shall be installed according to certain specifications, and then the concrete shall be grouting.In order to avoid the septic tank cracking, it can be covered with wet grass curtain. After about 2 days, the template can be removed after cement solidifies.After the manure pipe is installed, the first manure pipe is placed under the first tank at an Angle of 45 degrees or 60 degrees.The lower end of the second manure pipe should be halfway to the second tank.The distance between the two sewage pipes should be 12 cm.3. The inner wall of septic tank should be coated twice.A 1:3 cement mortar was first used, followed by a 1:2 mortar.In order to ensure the safety of the septic tank cover must be reinforced concrete, and in each tank cover reserved for different purposes of the hole.The first pool cover shall reserve 2 defecation holes and defecation holes, 2 defecation holes, 2 sewage outlets, 2 defecation holes and 3 defecation holes.Install a faecal suction pipe and a toilet bowl into the faecal tank through the cover entrance of the first tank and fix it on the cover plate.The entrance of the toilet is mounted on the suction tube, and the toilet is tightened and sealed.The soil around the septic tank should be solid, and the septic tank should be 3-5 cm higher than the surrounding ground to avoid rain.

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