Mencius was asked whether his sister-in-law should stretch out his hand to pull her out when she fell into the water.

Chunyu Kun said, “What is proper for a man and a woman to celebrate when they are not close?”Mencius replied, ‘It is a rite.’Yue: “Sister-in-law drowning aid by hand?”Yue said, “A sister-in-law who drowns without help is a Wolf.Men and women are not close, ceremony also;Sister-in-law drowning aid to hand, the right also.”Chunyu Kun asked Mencius if his sister-in-law had fallen into the water.Simple as the question is, it is a fundamental one.Is ceremony more important, or is life more important?Mencius replied, ‘It is not polite to hold the sister-in-law by hand, but’ it is a Wolf to not save her. ‘Therefore, he had no choice but to obey the authority, and preferred indecency rather than Wolf.Mencius’ logic was humanized and self-consistent.But what if someone had deliberately ignored the fact that his sister-in-law had fallen into the water and only publicized the fact that mencius had pulled his sister-in-law’s hand?Is “pulling my sister-in-law’s hand” a fact?In 1978, Anhui province was hit by the worst drought in a century.In those days when farm output was not allowed to be allocated to individual households or individual farms, farmers’ enthusiasm for production was severely dampened by the “great outcry” of working and the distribution of “large POTS of rice”.Hungry afraid of the small gang people know in the heart, want to eat a full meal, must divide the field single dry!On the winter night of 1978, in a shabby thatched hut in Xiaogang Village, 18 peasants took an oath to live alone and signed a “secret agreement”, pressing a bright red handprint.They can’t wait for the country to change its politics first. Is this an act of “following power”?Is it a crime to rush?In those days, our country set up “Xiaogang Village” as a landmark event of reform and opening up.Does anyone want to attack now?When I think of “Fool melon seeds”, who remembers how old it is?In 1978, the small workshop of stir-frying melon seeds grew into a “big factory” with more than 100 people.In 1980, the problem of nian Guang Jiu’s employment was reported to the government. As a result, the theory that Nian Guang Jiu was capitalist restoration and exploitation began to spread. Anhui Province sent a special person to Wuhu to investigate Nian Guang Jiu and wrote a report to the central government.At that time, Deng Xiaoping gave his approval to the development of the private economy, and urged some people to “let it go” and “take a look” at the debate over the surname “She” and “zi”.In 1984, Deng Xiaoping said at the third plenary session of the CPC Central Advisory Committee, “The problem of hiring workers was quite shocking some time ago, and we were extremely worried about it.My advice is to wait for two years.Does that affect our bigger picture?If you move, the public will say that there has been a change of policy, and the public will feel uneasy.You solve a ‘fool melon seed’, will affect the people uneasy, no benefit.Let ‘fool melon seeds’ run for a period of time, afraid of what?Is it hurting socialism?”Today, when I saw people abusing “capitalists” on the Internet, IT really made me feel like a new world!Since when did a group of “capitalists” emerge in our socialist China?An important prerequisite for the success of our reform and opening up is the theoretical innovation of Marxism. Comrade Deng Xiaoping clearly pointed out that “market economy is a neutral concept, which can be applied to capitalism and socialism.”Then as a necessary condition and subsidiary product of market economy, “capital”, he is not neutral?What is the purpose of a group of people here talking about the concept of “capitalist” with strong political overtones?On what basis?Crossing the river by feeling for stones is the problem of crossing the river.Are we “over the river” now?Or does it look like we’re crossing the river?Now someone is eager to blame and hold people responsible for “destroying the water quality and frightening the fish and shrimp” while crossing the river?What do these people want?I was surprised to find that some people’s thoughts are strikingly similar to those of the 1970s and 1980s: “The reason why China’s football team is bad is that it is over-marketized and has been poisoned by Western ideas.State-owned enterprise reform resulted in layoffs because of the introduction of private entrepreneurs.In my book Chen Xianyi also supports my suggestion of “Sima Nan managing Chinese Men’s Football”, I said, “Is the problem of The National football Team over-marketization, or is it because there is no real market-oriented reform?If over-marketization is the cause of China’s poor football, then why is western football so good?Today even some people hint and guide the reform of state-owned enterprises, what do you mean?Did state-owned enterprises not reform then?So I just wrote “Ming Wanli years also like Sima Nan” who “speak out” called Yang Sizhi.I don’t know how many people who read my article have read Zhang Juzheng.I do not know how many people can understand the difficulty of reform, and how many people can understand our private entrepreneurs have good and bad, but in my opinion, none of them is the meaning of “capitalist”!But I can understand, no matter what I say, that there are too many people who are blindly obedient and dominated like the kids in Lord of the Flies.Who is Ralph?Who’s Jack?And Simon only had one!

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