Minaj awards at the night of The betta Anchor, the fairy “feather” dress is fantastic!Tommy: Who can handle that?

Just after the Spring Festival, Douyu ushered in its first large-scale activity, YYDS Anchor night officially opened on February 10!This is a two-day online award ceremony, the official invited dozens of super popular anchors in the game area and entertainment area to accept the award, and bring talent show for water friends. On the first day, many elder brothers and sisters appeared, including Tomi, Dasima, Ah Leng, Erke and so on.It is worth mentioning that Tomi as the king of Glory plate one of the most popular anchor, the official is also specially awarded to him a “best fan award”, and invited the new jin house men and women god Mina to award her.I have to say That Tomi may have won a prize for teasing, but he was the biggest winner of the night.Minaj dressed up and prepared a new outfit for her live appearance, and became the focus of the show. It’s hard not to love her super high looks and sweet smile.After the awards, there was a talent show, but Tomi had nothing to show but games, so Mina became a temporary teacher and taught Tomi to dance on the spot!When Minaj got up, the studio went crazy, and Even Tomi was upset.It turns out minaj is wearing a very special outfit, with a skinny white silk waistcoat and a “feather” dress, which can only be described as stunning. Plus, minaj is versatile and especially good at dancing, so it’s no wonder she stands out from so many other anchors with good looks.The most funny or learn to dance, Mina directly put on the sign “open the train”, just began to drag meters can follow a few jump, with the action curve is getting bigger and bigger, drag meters are straight call top, this operation can not learn to ah!Finally just sit down and watch with water friends, that stare big eyes can be too bright.That night in addition to tomi’s best fan award there are many honors awarded, A Leng won the title of “Cold yan Song Ji”, two ke won the “sound into the hearts of the people” award, let a person’s accident is the Jedi Survival plate run brother actually also harvest a “all-round soul singer” title, but also claimed to be 20 years old genius singer,Netizens have said that Brother Run sings with emotion and no skills, but it is too strong.Small bucket summary: On February 11 night fish YYDS anchor night will continue, the next is the most heavy dance carnival night, then Zhou Shuyi, South wave, silly sister, mina, rotten group son and others will all appear, goddess gathered friends do not miss it!

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