“Prosperous New Year” singing and dancing new Spring Culture Embellish Xinjiang gathers people

With the cheerful melody, we shake shoulders, step up dance, dance……On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the village committee of Dihala village in Luntai Township, Luntai County, heard the sound of joy mixed with music and dance steps.More than 40 cadres and masses of Dihara village gathered together singing and dancing to welcome the Spring Festival.Words unity, Syria friendship, listen to the sketch, enjoy singing and dancing, get prizes…People open their hearts, talking and laughing, cheering and dancing, calm in happiness.The program of this activity has skits, solos, dances…They danced mesilgev and invited each other warmly, their usual reserve dispelling and their faces beaming with joy.Program close to the end, by the village leadership for a year of outstanding work, outstanding performance of the village cadres awarded awards, as a token of encouragement.Luntai revenue in luntai town di o ‘hara, first secretary of the village, “visit would gather” team captain Li Hongbin said: “this activity created a thick atmosphere of ethnic members, further deepening the cadre of different ethnic groups and the feelings of the masses, but also rely on the traditional Spring Festival series of activities, strengthened our sense of identity and the centripetal force of the Chinese traditional culture.In addition, we also deeply feel that to thoroughly implement the cultural Moistening Project, we must closely take all kinds of culture as the bond, gather people’s hearts, gather strength, and promote all kinds of policies benefiting the people to be implemented at the grassroots level.”Source: Zheng Jiangang, “Visit huiju” team of Yabag Village, Luntai Town, Taxation Bureau of Luntai County

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