Snack box sneakers first time see!Did you get the last year of the Tiger suit?

As Chinese New Year approaches, the CNY shoes have dominated the recent sneaker market.Among them, there are a lot of special specifications of the sneaker gift box, recently xiaobian received a high specification of wooden box gift box.Not only are the boxes rare and the accessories plentiful, but the design of the shoes is even more unique, making them one of the most asked about shoes on the street these days.It is the Year of the Tiger wooden gift box version of Li Ning CJ1.Above all shoebox is festival and domineer, it is inspiration with Chinese style cake box, use whole solid wood to make.Printed with Li Ning Logo, Renyin words and CJ signature, and the CJ Logo used for corner ornament pattern.Both Chinese flavor, but also show the personal elements of CJ.Inside the shoe box is divided into two layers, the upper layer for Spring Festival couplets, fu and paper-cut window.Then, under the inner box cover, is the protagonist CJ1.Unlike the usual tiger print design, the overall design of the shoes is inspired by the Tibetan tiger carpet, which is not a bit of culture.Bright orange accents with tiger stripes, spots and splash-ink elements create a strong ethnic style!Details are full of flavor of the New Year, the inside of the shoe body is injected with “such as tiger”, “add wings”, and the tongue “tiger” word echoes.The TPU that shoe head is in dazzle colour fills strong piece, tie-in white bottom, add a few minutes relaxed for orange to give priority to shoe body.The tiger printing of heel, insole and common painting wind have obviously different, this is xizang tiger blanket of special place show.Configuration I believe we are also very familiar with, full palm Lightfoam + front palm 䨻, and full palm carbon plate support.Bring strong performance performance, it can be described as a performance beast.CNY shoe designs are often eye-catching, and this year of the Tiger CJ1 is particularly eye-catching.The unabashedly orange tiger print is all over the place, and it’s hard not to notice.At the same time the sole of light color and delicate detail depict, balanced thick colourful tonal, make whole make public but not colourful vulgarity.The feet feel solid and stable without losing surging, thick vamp is more suitable for the moment to wear, summer wear certainly hot.The year of the Tiger CJ1 has been released to the public through official channels.The price of the gift box version is ¥999 with the ordinary version, which can be praised.General edition of the current market price around the original price.

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