This is the most complete set of remote control software

TeamViewerTeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control applications, desktop sharing and file transfer that can be used in the background of any firewall and NAT agent.To connect to another machine, you just need to run TeamViewer on both machines at the same time, and you don’t need to install it (you can also choose to install, after which you can set it up to boot).For the first time, the software automatically generates partner ids on both computers.Just enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection will be immediately established.TeamViewer GmbH, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Germany, is committed to the development and sales of high-end online collaboration and communication solutions.If you want to connect to your computer at school or work when you get home, many people will think of using Windows Remote Desktop connection.In general, this is undoubtedly the best solution, but if the computer you want to connect to is located on the internal network, that is, behind the Router or firewall (the computer is an internal IP address), then you have to do some Settings on the Router such as port mapping to connect to it, and the network management system is unlikely to help you to do this.TeamViewer is the perfect solution.The second section, sunflower sunflower is a sunshine remote control software.You can access and control sunflower client devices easily anywhere that can be connected to the Internet, and currently support computers, mobile phones and other remote control terminals.Supports remote control through various control methods, such as computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and remote file transfer, camera monitoring, and remote management.As a novice, how to play sunflower remote control?Let’s take the android control terminal to control the Windows controlled terminal as an example. 1. Register an account.2. Download and install sunflower Client (Windows) After registering the Berry account successfully, click on sunflower official website to download sunflower client and install it. This document uses Windows as an example.3. Bind the account and set the password (independent access password). After the Sunflower client is installed, enter the newly registered Berry account to log in to the binding and set the independent access password (for remote control).: 1) If the controlled end is not set, the control end needs to input the controlled end (Windows, Linux) to initiate a remote collaboration request.After setting, the controller can initiate remote request by entering the access password.2) Remote control is not allowed before the access password is set.4. Download and install the android sunflower control end in mobile application in each big market, enter the keyword “sunflower”, according to the prompt to install, in the process of installation will be prompted to “authorized open permissions”, click “ok” authorization, the installation is complete to enter the login page, enter the newly registered BeiRui website account to log in.5 Sunflower Remote Control 5.1 Remote Control Select the remote host and click remote Control to connect to the Windows desktop of sunflower client. In addition to the conventional mouse pointer remote control, gesture control is also supported for remote control of sunflower client.5.2 Remote Files When we are in a different place, forget the files on the computer client, or when the memory of the mobile phone is full, we can upload/download files through the sunflower remote file function, and transfer and synchronization can be completed in a few simple steps, both fast and safe.5.3 CMD Commands In addition to remote control, you can also use the CMD command line function on the mobile phone control terminal to query the network information of the controlled terminal. For example, you can run common commands such as ping, Telnet, nslookup, and tracert to check the network.5.4 Remote Camera When we need to be in a different place and want to view the client camera, we can use sunflower remote camera function to view the situation around the host camera in real time, and support multiple camera switching, so that everything can be “mastered”.The third product, TodeskToDesk, was launched as a free trial, after which water was charged, but personal expenses were accepted. The developer company had a large number of remote working needs, but they were suffering from the inconvenience of remote software at home and abroad, so they developed this tool.If you don’t agree, do it yourself. I’m impressed.ToDesk is free and easy to use. It’s small, lightweight and does just the right thing.Remote desktop control, file transfer and other functions, voice and text chat function is not online, but the menu seems to be ready, want to use the students have to wait.Todek is easy to use. Just install ToDesk on both devices and enter the control code and password to connect with one click. The connection speed is quite fast, with pictures and facts.Computer control computer can be connected to the Windows terminal mobile phone or other devices, can also directly transfer files to other devices and other functions, operation and conventional remote control software is almost the same, the main control terminal operation is very smooth, the delay is not observable.Control your computer from your phone: In addition to controlling your computer from your computer, you can also control your computer from your phone.This is also the most common control method of Lizhijun, which can be operated remotely by mobile phone even when away from home.The connection mode of the mobile terminal is the same, input the control code and password can be connected in seconds, and there is no lag when operating the remote computer.Landscape mode is like putting the computer into a mobile phone, with a large number of built-in shortcut keys, simulating a series of operations of the computer in the mobile phone.Fourth, one button remote control computer “one button remote control” software, anytime and anywhere can remotely control the company’s computer desktop, software support remote control, remote viewing, remote file transfer, one button shutdown restart operations, web and device can operate, high-definition picture.Client and web can remote control the company’s computer desktop, while using the web remote control desktop!If you want to download a file on your company’s computer, click “Download” to see the file on your company’s computer. Right-click the document and download it directly.Documents edited outside the company can also be right-clicked and uploaded directly to the company desktop.After the remote use of the company computer, directly “lock screen” hibernation equipment this is a simple and super easy to use remote software, web terminal and device terminal can operate, the picture does not drop the frame hd.Fifth, HIPC first need to download and install the software on the PC side, if you use it frequently, you can check the boot, otherwise it is recommended not to check, and then directly install it, it can be completed in a few seconds.After entering the software, you do not need any operation, directly use wechat to scan the two-dimensional code that pops up, and you can bind the computer.Then into the small program can be directly remote control of the computer, you can query the basic information of the computer: including memory occupancy rate, graphics card temperature, running programs, configuration information, etc..Application management and file management below, you can view the list of installed programs and remote start/close applications with one click.You can also view your computer files remotely, including preview images, documents and so on, and upload them directly to your phone, but there are size limits.And most importantly, the on-off control of the computer.Click “running” in the page, you can see shutdown, restart, lock, sleep and timing shutdown functions, direct one-click operation.There are a lot of powerful features: cloud clipping, binding to multiple devices, remote screenshots, sound control, and more, it’s definitely a super powerful tool.Hope to help you ~ you still know the remote control software can be played in the comments area, next collation release ~

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