Li Wenlong wins Shandong’s first Winter Olympics medal: Four years later, he wants to change his medal color

Ten years ago that spring, 11-year-old Li Wenlong joined Qingdao’s short track speed skating team and began his career under the guidance of Yang Zhanyu and Liu Xiaoying, two famous ice skating stars.Ten years later, Li Wenlong competed in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Won the first medal of Shandong competitive sports in the history of the Winter Olympics.”I want to thank the coaches for developing me and the leaders for helping me – AND I don’t want to disappoint everyone’s expectations of me.”Li wenlong said that the “first experience” of the Winter Olympics helped him a lot: “I really learned a lot from the competition experience, the ability to cope on the spot, and the execution of tactics.I believe this is just the beginning.””Four years ago in Pyeongchang, your senior brother Ren Ziwei won a silver medal, and he said he would change the medal color after four years.On this night, he did.So, are you confident that in four years’ time, you can go one step further?”After the mixed interview area, the new Yellow River reporter threw this question to Li Wenlong.Without thinking, Li wenlong answered in two words: “Of course.”New Yellow River reporter: Yao Zheng editor: Lu Ting

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