The rain clears!In the next few days, the weather in Beijing will change

On March 29, most parts of Beijing saw light rain or sporadic light rain.Under the influence of the rain, the temperature in the whole city dropped.Beijing meteorological station 30 6 o ‘clock issued: today overcast during the day, the north of the west with light rain to cloudy, north wind two or three, the highest temperature 12℃;Cloudy to clear at night, north wind level two or so, the lowest temperature of 3℃.According to @Weather Beijing latest news, the current precipitation echo is gradually weakened from west to east stop, rain dispersed, the sky will become cloudy weather.Tomorrow, Beijing will usher in sunny weather, the highest temperature will rise to 17℃, but the north wind has increased, gusts will reach about level 7, we suggest that you should still properly “cover”.The day after tomorrow, the city’s sky cloud increased, mainly cloudy.Weather experts have warned that the weather in Beijing will clear up tomorrow, with temperatures rising and pollen concentrations in the city rising. People who are prone to allergies should take protective measures when going out.In the next few days, the weather in Beijing will be changeable, with obvious temperature fluctuations.From April 2 to April 6, the temperature rises, the highest temperature in the daytime 18~25℃, the lowest temperature at night 5~12℃, it is suggested that the public according to the weather timely increase or decrease clothing.(Original title: Away with the rain!In the next few days, the weather in Beijing will be changeable

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