Tianxing Digital help “specialized special new” entity enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Recently, in the selection activity of “2021 Financial Temperature” sponsored by one point information, Tianxing Data Department with digital technology services to real enterprises, power industrial digital upgrading achievements are significant, from more than 60 participating institutions, won the 2021 annual “specialized and special new” model of real enterprise service award.In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the “new” specialization, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, has issued by the “for” new “specialization, does the practical work of small and medium-sized enterprises listing” and other documents, focusing on specialization, “new” pain points difficult problem of small and medium-sized enterprise development, improve the credit support policy, open market financing channels, to promote industrial chain collaborative innovation, promote 10 aspects, such as digital transformation,Put forward 31 specific measures in a targeted manner.”Specialized special new”;Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) have helped solve problems and ensured their development.Tianxing Data Department is deeply engaged in the industry and is committed to using digital technology to help the entity enterprises in the industry realize digital upgrading. On the one hand, it helps the entity enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and on the other hand, it helps banks and other financial institutions to better understand the industry and entity enterprises and assess risks more accurately.We will help financial institutions better provide credit support and financial services to entities in the industrial and supply chains.Since 2021, Tianxing Data Division has been cooperating with banks and other financial institutions to alleviate the financing problems of smes and promote the modernization level of industrial chain, actively cooperating in digital industry finance, inclusive finance, direct financing and other aspects, and constantly promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of smes.To star ferry, for example, for SaaS factoring cloud platform on the basis of “harmony” chain of the construction of the supply chain financial platform have been launched and put into use, under the guidance of the relevant government departments and help, through the guide industry chain, core enterprise and suppliers specifically for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprise especially specialization, “new” entity enterprises provide a full range of supply chain finance solutions.Lin Shiwei, CEO of Tianxing, said his company has helped more than 5,000 entities obtain bank credit totaling more than 100 billion yuan, lowering their financing costs by about two points.In the future, Tianxing Will continue to enhance digital technology capabilities, continue to focus on service, maintain the pace of steady and long-term, continue to promote the digital upgrading of physical enterprises, industrial chains and supply chains, and help small and medium-sized enterprises “specialized, special and new” development, power “.”Made in China”;.

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