Fan Tianyu, auxiliary police officer of the post-2000 generation, was praised by the whole network

“Spread the positive!Thumb up!””There is love.””This is the model for our city.”In recent days, netizens have praised Fan Tianyu, an auxiliary police officer in Xiantao, Hubei province, who was born after 2000.His heart-warming gesture has warmed the city and the hearts of its citizens.”It was a critical situation.The old woman had been hit and couldn’t walk. I just wanted to get her to the hospital quickly.”Fan Tianyu remembers what happened that day.At 5:51 in the afternoon of March 24, it was the evening peak, the rain could not stop the flow of people going home, the traffic, Xiantao Avenue Hongda road intersection, an SUV in the process of moving and an electric car collision, causing a bike mother-in-law leg injury.”Ouch, it hurts…”The injured mother-in-law bent down with a pained expression.Is on duty at the intersection of xiantao City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment two brigade auxiliary police Fan Tianyu, found abnormal quickly ran forward to view, the mother-in-law helped to the side of the safety zone, and the road traffic police immediately took photos of evidence, evacuated the scene, traffic diversion.At the moment, Fan Tianyu is still thinking about her mother-in-law’s injury.Later, he went to her side and found her right leg injured and unable to walk.In order to avoid the old man caught cold in the rain and secondary accidents, Fan Tianyu immediately bent down, subconsciously to the old man back to the back, 60 meters to the roadside outside the vehicle walked.At this time, the rain is getting heavier and heavier, Fan Tianyu was all wet, but he was still carefully carrying his grandmother walking in the rain, she has been sent to the car, told the driver to send grandma to the hospital as soon as possible, the treatment of injuries.Ms. Ding, who was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection, recorded the touching scene with her mobile phone and posted it to a short video platform. Netizens praised Fan’s heart-warming gesture, saying, “It deserves praise!””So handsome so handsome.””Sweet peach!It is understood that the injured mother-in-law surnamed Zhu, due to timely treatment, has no serious health problems.March 25, the first people’s hospital in Xiantao City, I wish the old woman mentioned the traffic police without leaving the name, grateful, “the traffic police guy is really good, thanks to his help yesterday, under so much rain, has been putting me on the back of the car, and told the driver to send me to the hospital!”It is reported that Fan Tianyu, 22 years old, is a “post-00s”, is also a veteran, had served in the Guangzhou armed police for two years.In September 2020, he returned to his hometown to join the police force, just over a year into his career.March 26, the low-key young man said in an interview, “This behavior, very normal, because we are a traffic police, but also a member of the people’s police, for the people’s safety is the most important.”In recent days, wechat, Weibo, Video, Douyin and Toutiao of People’s Daily,, Hubei Daily, Hubei Release, Voice of Hubei, Jimu News, Hubei TV station “Yangtze River Talk”, Ping an Hubei have been forwarded and pushed, and a large number of netizens have left comments and praised.”He is a caring person,” said a netizen from Hubei Daily.”Xiantao is a city with temperature.”

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