Gaoxin second road ran out of acceleration, around the city expressway to the eastern section of the Lantern Festival open to traffic

Jimu news reporter Li Xiaoqin correspondent he Zhao On February 14 at 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, in the high and new road and the same force road interchange east, more than ten workers are carrying out lamp debugging, afforestation replanting and other finishing work, for the section of the road officially open to traffic to do the final preparation for the Lantern Festival.Invested by Gehua Group and constructed by Wuhan Municipal Road and Bridge Company under Wuhan Ecological Investment Group, the gaoxin 2nd Road demonstration project starts from Baoxi Road in the west and reaches Future 3rd Road in the east. The road drainage project and pipe gallery project are 10.4 kilometers in length.The total length of the pipeline corridor is 10.9 km.The section of road opening for traffic in advance is gaoxin Second Road ring expressway to the future three sections, which is about 3.8 km long. Compared with the reconstruction before, the road has widened 6 lanes, showing the main road two-way 8 lanes, the secondary road two-way 4 lanes.Yu Hongzhi, chief engineer of the project of Wuhan Municipal Road and Bridge Company, said that the project was formally implemented in June last year, less than eight months after the completion of the eastern section of the expressway around the city, opening traffic ahead of schedule.”We take the whole section open at the same time, every 200 meters for a work area, peak nearly 30 professional teams more than 1000 workers cross construction.”According to the introduction, it is expected that by the 16th of the first month, the project department about 650 labor personnel will be all to the post, further boost the high and new Road ring city expressway to the western section of the dry express, toward the May Day to achieve the main line through the node goal sprint.As innovation, wisdom and landscape as one of the demonstration project, high 2 project will be through cooperation with huawei company, introduction of advanced science and technology, huawei through more unity, the traffic lights, intelligent monitoring, spray, wisdom a dozen functions such as lighting, 5 g base station gathered in wisdom lights, road to let all armed “wisdom”, accomplish huimin convenience,Service surrounding high-tech enterprises.At the same time, the simultaneous construction of the comprehensive pipe gallery project as an important infrastructure supporting projects in east Lake High-tech Zone, the construction site is hot.At the construction site of optical Valley No. 7 pipe jacking work well, several workers are fastening steel bars in preparation for the rectangular pipe jacking to wear trams next month.It is reported that the rectangular pipe jacking section size of 10.6 meters ×5 meters ranks first in Hubei Province and third in China.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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