Railway police Yu Xinhua: Freight marshalling yard New Year’s Eve vigil

On New Year’s Eve, Ankang in southern Shaanxi looks very calm. However, in ankang East freight marshalling station of Xi ‘an Railway Bureau, the roar of the train machines and the noise of the wheels rubbing the rails make it very busy and lively.Inside the brightly lit marshalling yard, 58-year-old veteran police officer Yu Xinhua sprints along a cobweb of tracks and ballastways, weaving between truck boxes as they glide down the humps.”On New Year’s Eve, people may put sky lanterns or rats in the sky. These things fall into the marshalling yard, which is a big danger.”He said that he would make the whole station again on New Year’s Eve to be sure.Ankang East Marshaling Station, located in qinling-Ba Mountains, is the intersection of Xiang-Chongqing, Xi-Kang and Yang-an lines. It is responsible for the transportation of goods and materials for people’s livelihood in ankang’s surrounding provinces and cities. As many as 120 freight trains pass through ankang every day, transporting millions of tons of goods.In order to ensure the safety of marshalling station cargo transport, prevent the occurrence of the case of the jurisdiction, responsible for marshalling station security maintenance Yu Xinhua has his own “secret”, that is diligent feet, eye, mouth.”The identity of miscellaneous personnel must be carefully checked, and suspicious personnel should be reported in a timely manner.”Yu Xinhua took the trouble to train group workers told.Yu Xinhua, who has been a member of the Party for 37 years, is the oldest member of the party and the backbone of the police force.Said in marshalling yard area on duty too hard wind, sun and rain, Yu Xinhua did not think that.He led the joint defense team patrol in the field area, where the potential trouble is easy to happen, where the need to focus on inspection, he has been the treasure.After touring the key areas, he also inspected the sealing and reinforcement of the stopping trains.According to the security requirements of the Ankang East Police Station, in addition to three rounds of patrols in the morning, middle and evening every day, patrols should also be strengthened in key areas at key times.In October last year, Yu Xinhua was on a night patrol when he spotted a moving figure along the side of a coal truck. He quickly boarded the train and found a boy beside the cinder. He saw the boy shivering with cold, his face covered with soot, and he immediately took him back to the police station to take care of him.After the inquiry that the boy lives in Hanyin, because of bad grades drop out of school at home, by parents scold, penniless boy want to pick the train away from home.Yu Xinhua while to the boy to do ideological work, while informing the boy’s parents, until the family will pick up the boy, a suspended heart just finally put down.Yu Xinhua said: “the yard work patrol is the key, every day not out of the ‘turn’ several laps in the heart are not practical, not 20,000 steps can not sleep at night.”Regular inspection, regular inspection is Yu Xinhua over the years to adhere to the same standard of work, with the police team of the joint defense team jokingly said: “follow the police chief out of patrol, is the cost of shoes, this day at least 10 kilometers, he never said tired, but we have to change a pair of shoes in a few months.”Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Zhang Song correspondent Yang Changkong Liu Yaowu statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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