Yangzi floor impact IPO has been shown a warning letter formaldehyde sampling unqualified in the prospectus is not disclosed

As China’s floor industry giants, its development has been the focus of people’s attention, yangzi floor chairman Lei Xiang has inevitably become a public topic.Operator net of finance and economics tries to uncover the chairman of yangzi floor that people has been discussing in succession — thunder rings.Thunder ring in the open picture on the net gives a person a kind of lean feeling, operator financial network in detail excavated his data after the discovery, thunder ring is really not general.There are several honorary titles about him, such as the national building materials industry model worker, Anhui excellent private entrepreneurs.The couple also have permanent residency in Australia.Lei Xiang was born in 1968 and graduated from Dalian Railway Institute with a major in mechanical manufacturing at the age of 21.Dalian Railway Institute, now known as Dalian Jiaotong University, was under the administration of the Ministry of Railways in the 1980s and 1990s, according to Baidu Encyclopedia.Lei Xiang after graduation with this degree was assigned to China Yangzi Group refrigerator factory internship, since then he formally began to deal with yangzi Group.Since then, Lei Xiang has been promoted by virtue of his outstanding business ability and has worked in various departments of Yangzi Group.He successively served as product project leader of Yangzi Group, vice general manager of mold company and automobile company.Years of experience in yangzi Group provided experience support for his subsequent independent entrepreneurship.In 2002, he established chuzhou Yangzi wood Company, after years of painstaking management into the development of today’s domestic floor industry leader.Lei Xiang was not only deeply influenced by Yangzi Group in his career, but also had a close relationship with yangzi Group in his marriage.Lei Xiang and his wife, Zhang June, both former employees of the Yangzi Group, later married.At present, the couple hold 76.65 percent of the shares in Yangzi flooring, according to the company. In addition, the two also hold shares in various subsidiaries of the Yangzi Group.There are six companies under lei Xiang’s direct control, and he holds 43.67% of the shares in all of them, which is the same as his own shares in Yangzi Flooring.He indirectly controls 88 companies. That’s a lot.From the enterprise chuman published data, yangzi floor from 2015 to 2020 revenue and net profit growth in general, but in the first half of 2021, its net profit is 14.192,400 million, a year-on-year decline of 22%, this is in recent years, yangzi floor for the first time such a substantial decline.Before that, the national stock transfer company terminated the yangzi floor listing review, it still failed to get the desired boarded the selected layer.Before thunder rang had led yangzi floor impact A – share IPO.From 2016 to 2019, Yangzi flooring hit small and medium boards, and then failed.At that time, in April 2020, Yangzi Flooring (430539.OC) in the application for initial public offering and listing process, there are problems such as the confirmation of engineering revenue in advance, the internal control system of distribution model revenue has not been effectively implemented, the cross-period confirmation of transportation costs, defects in the internal control of procurement links.Subject to China Securities Regulatory Commission warning letter regulatory measures.Additional, yangzi floor reports inside because of quality problem many times by supervision branch “name”.For instance in September 2017, Shanghai quality technology supervises bureau spot check 46 batches real wood compound floor product, classics examine has 12 batches unqualified, among them the Yangtze real wood compound floor board that Yangzi floor produces (ancient yi su wood), specification is (910×127×15/0.6)mm is detected formaldehyde releases quantity grade mark is unqualified.However, Yangzi floor has been regulatory exposure of the above quality problems, the company did not mention in the prospectus.To yangzi floor this pass IPO forms a test, there are “three types of shareholders” problem.It is understood that the so-called “three types of shareholders”, refers to contractual private funds, asset management plans and trust plans.In view of the particularity of the “three types of shareholders”, there may be layers of nesting and high leverage, as well as the opaque and impenetrable identity of shareholders, so it has become one of the key issues to be paid attention to in the process of IPO issuance audit.As of December 15, 2017, Yangzi Flooring had 308 shareholders, according to the prospectus,Celestica fund – qilu securities – celestica constant celestica cattle asset management plan, the new three board 1 celestica fund – qilu securities – celestica datang hong cattle new three board 2, the asset management plan, celestica innovation information – citic securities – changan international trust – trust, celestica innovation special information technology investment trust plans of assembled funds and so on a number of “three kinds of shareholders” figure appears.Now yangzi floor select layer of IPO trip temporarily is no hope.The so-called select tier is a year longer observation period than the IPO, companies have a cushion of opportunity, investors also have more investment opportunities.The road that yangzi floor appears on the market still is not anacreontic, how can lei ring to lead yangzi floor to rush out after all encirencirment?

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