A change of wind?South Korea’s pro-US presidential candidates panic as Park Geun-hye holds’ Three trump cards’

2022 will be a year of events, with many countries facing a change of leadership.South Korea also had a general election in March, but the situation was complicated and apparently out of control.According to the latest opinion polls, lee Jae-myung or Yoon Seok-yeol are the likely candidates for the presidency, as they have been leading the polls by a wide margin.As a result, South Korea’s election is expected to be an unprecedented showdown.South Korea’s presidential election has been further complicated by the pardoning of former president Park Geun-hye, who has been in prison for years, just as the outcome of the election has been widely speculated.It is reported that Park is still receiving treatment in hospital after her release and will make a public speech once she is able to leave the hospital.The news, the South Korean government and people are on tenterhooks, especially Yoon Seok-yeol.Mr. Yoon was nervous that if Ms. Park retaliated against him, his chances of becoming president would suffer.This is because Yoon played an important role in the imprisonment of Park Geun-hye and is a typical pro-AMERICAN candidate in Korea.He had previously been involved in the investigation of Park geun-hye’s case and held a key position on the investigation team.What was unexpected was that he was now the candidate of Ms. Park’s party, in which she still wields some influence.If Park geun-hye is out of jail with “revenge” in mind, it is inevitable that she will not use her personal network to obstruct Yoon s path to political participation.Of course, this will not help Yoon run for president.In addition, president Park geun-hye can take advantage of the fact that many of Yoon s family members have been involved in scandals to further weaken yoon s approval rating.In addition to Yoon, Park has two other trump cards: publishing books and assisting in election campaigns.When Park geun-hye was released from prison, she also emerged as a best-selling author.The new book was so popular in South Korea that it became a top seller in many bookstores within weeks.This shows that park geun-hye’s every move still attracts a lot of attention and enjoys a high approval rating.But does Ms Park stand a chance of becoming president again?It’s almost impossible.But some see the contents of her new book as an expression of her intention to return to politics, but her lawyers have made it clear that there is no need to read too much into politics.While Ms. Park is unlikely to run for president again, she could use her influence to help other candidates, such as her sister or other candidates.All told, all three of Ms. Park’s trump cards could have dealt a fatal blow to Mr. Yoon, but Ms. Park has yet to act, creating greater uncertainty about the election.Some sources: International Tourism Island Business daily, China news network

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