After 90 in Yantai, CCTV Spring Festival Gala singing “old Dan”!Her name is Li Jia, born in liyuan family

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is being broadcast live, the opera show “Life and Growth In A Pear Garden” won the house.The reporter has just learned that there is an actor named Li Jia, who is from Yantai, in an excerpt from the Peking Opera “Mother-in-law’s Tattooing character”.Her grandmother is Xie Xiaohua, a famous Peking Opera artist in Yantai, her mother is Liu Dongli, a national first-class actor of Yantai Peking Opera Theater, and her father is Li Dianqing, a national first-class actor of Yantai Peking Opera Theater.When the reporter learned that Li Jia appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage, the first time to contact her father Li Dianqing, he said, “the early stage did not let publicity, Spring Festival gala changes too much, the front of the still did not dare to send.”Born in 1992, Li Jia has been very savvy since she was a child. Because her parents were busy performing, it was her grandmother who took three-year-old Li Jia to the art school to give lessons to the students. Unexpectedly, the students did not learn her, but she learned, and at the age of seven, she won the gold medal in the fourth National Opera Plum Blossom.In 2004, at the age of 12, Li Jia was admitted to the Middle School attached to the National Academy of Chinese Opera, majoring in Peking Opera. As a Peking Opera actor, li Jia’s father knew that studying opera was very hard and did not want his daughter to take up this field.Since choose to do this line, can’t regret!”Of course, Li Jia understood her father’s good intentions, but she believed that since she had made a choice, she must go on.Although learning opera was difficult, she persevered out of her love for The art of Peking Opera. After graduation in the sixth year of the Attached High School, she was admitted to the National Academy of Chinese Opera in 2010 with the first place in the field of Old Dan.

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