Are there any reference points for car sales?

Chinese car buying five stupid: look, look at the mood, look at the parameters, look at sales…The fifth silly is I added, at the end of the article and we discuss.It doesn’t look wrong, but it looks silly.The counterfeits like zotye SR9 and Landwind X7 look like Porsche and Land Rover, and many old drivers can’t even tell if they change the logo.But the inherent mechanical quality, is really dare not flatter.Appearance does need to be considered, but it should not be the sole criterion.You can choose the look you like based on your budget and needs.See the mood refers to impulse consumption, there is no comprehensive understanding of the car, was sold as a car of 200,000, the highest discount of fifty thousand at present!It felt like a bargain. I made it on impulse.Turn left, other brands of similar models, starting price is only 120,000.In addition, WHEN I recommend a car, I often see such a sentence as bar essence, which is also very confusing.Don’t use your own money to buy someone else’s car.Like is to build on understanding, you do not understand like, large probability will meet cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men.Look at the parameters, it is standard armchair strategist.It’s a mistake made by a senior white boy.The parameters are available, but the ride experience is also important.We can filter out some lower-quality cars by parameters, but the most eye-catching parameters are not necessarily the most worth buying.Test drive a car, test drive it, or even take it many times.Before the parameters are extremely bright krypton 001 is a typical, many people blind order, but when the delivery, all kinds of small problems.It comes down to sales. Sales speak for themselves. This is the stupidest statement.If that’s the case, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini…It’s all rubbish.However, sales are definitely referential, depending on how you interpret them!First, what can sales show?1. Problems are easier to intuitively reflect: if a car sells more, there will be more samples for reference. There have already been countless car owners who have gone through mines for you in front of it, so there are enough feedbacks and complaints from car owners to reflect the problems existing in the vehicle.For example, nissan Xuan Yi, the perennial sales champion, has a large number of complaints about abnormal sound and stumble of transmission, fault light and inability to accelerate.You should be on your guard.One or two might be the odd one, but hundreds of people complain. Do you want to bet?In fact, Xuan Yi’s CVT is very pit, the quality of the steel belt is poor, the solenoid valve has design defects, easy to be blocked, resulting in insufficient oil pressure, the steel belt skidding, and the maintenance cost is very high.What if it’s a niche car with poor sales?Maybe a few hundred are sold a year, and the total mileage is less than a million kilometers. Even if there is a problem with the car, it can’t be reported in a short time.So, it is true to buy a car with high sales volume, but it must be combined with complaints and feedback to consider comprehensively.Although this option may bury some unpopular cars, the risk is relatively small.2, high sales volume means large volume: the “street car” with large volume, although not enough personality, but has two advantages, the first is relatively high retention rate, as long as there is no large-scale quality defects, car dealers are willing to give a higher collection because of the easy to sell.In addition, large storage, maintenance is also convenient.Unpopular models, parts are not easy to find, it may take a long time to repair the car, and street car parts, of course, are everywhere, the price is cheap.3, more car friends: more friends, more roads, this need not explain more.Two, where is sales unreliable?1, sales does not represent good quality: a lot of friends see sales car, error is also in this.Is always the sales of everything, in fact, can not explain what.If you know psychology, you should know what herd behavior is, what top advantage is.You give up thinking and judgment and follow the sheep. It is possible to lead to the sheepfold, but it is also possible to lead directly to the slaughterhouse.To be a fat sheep.Consumers are often said not to be idiots – but they really are!Consumers know no better than fools in professional fields.A lot of people don’t realize this.You don’t know anything about cars, and most people who do know a little about cars, too.2, the competition is not fair: the so-called top advantage is largely determined by consumers’ blind faith in psychology. Many people do not know what car to buy and buy according to the sales volume, resulting in the top sales model always in front.You know, it’s a new model, it just came out, and sales are zero!Do you mean you can’t buy any of them?3, high sales of models with less concessions: some cars, in order to rush sales and concessions, and sales itself has been very good models, there is no need to play too much discount.On the contrary, some new models, because of low visibility, often choose to take the cost-effective route, but more than high sales models worth buying.Sales represent the past: simply put, different cars, different prices, different product power.For example, Highlander, the old model is 2.0T+6AT, and now it is 2.5L self-primting +ECVT hybrid. Although they are both called Highlander and have similar appearance, they are not the same car at all in strict sense.The previously mentioned Xuan Yi, 14 years ago are still very strong and durable, but around September 2014, the reduction of steel belt, CVT failure rate rose significantly.For example, In the past, it was 2.0L self-priming +CVT, and now it is 1.5T three-cylinder engine + chain CVT. The three major parts have undergone great changes, and it is obviously absurd to measure the current products with the past sales volume.In addition, price is also an important part of product strength. For example, QIN PLUS DM-I is rated as unbeatable in cost performance under the premise of its price range of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. However, if it increases in price and sells for 180,000 yuan, it is not worth considering at all.You just look at the sales, not considering how the sales were achieved at that time, what price, reference value is not much.Three, how to interpret the sales ranking, how to refer to?In short: Don’t look at sales totals, don’t look at rankings, look at sales trends.Total sales and ranking are mixed with top advantage effect, which is unfair to new cars.However, the trend of sales increase or decrease, it can reflect product strength to a certain extent.For example, if sales of a popular car suddenly plummet, there must be a reason, either because of large-scale quality problems, or because of price increases or reductions.Most of it has to do with reduced productivity.Even if it is a year-on-year decline, it is also worth vigilance, for example, at the same price, at the same level of products more powerful, more worth buying products, leading to the market share eaten up — this at least tells you that there are better choices at the same price.If sales are growing, it can also be a reflection of a brand that is moving up — a brand that is moving up is focusing more on word of mouth and quality.Even if there is a small probability of quality problems, car companies do not want negative news to affect sales, but are more willing to actively solve them.A car sales increase month by month, it is more and more popular, market recognition is also improving.Maybe it’s worth looking at and analyzing why it’s doing better and better, maybe because the product is really strong.See sales trend car selection, contrast see sales ranking, have several advantages: first, in a certain extent, eliminate “flock effect”, follow before buying a car is to buy several models, so choose in relative ranking on some of the consumers, they “follow” the proportion of small a few, the corresponding, more reference value.Second, it is easier to choose a new model.New models need to hit the market with product force, which is often updated in technology and higher configuration than old models.If you look at the sales volume of the car is unlikely to choose a new model, but look at the sales trend, you can screen out the new launch of excellent models.This is a mistake many professional car critics make. A budget must be considered, but it should be more flexible.It’s more about demand.For example, if I have a budget of 500,000 yuan, what car do I recommend?Most likely, it is a luxury brand. BBA is a 5-series, A6L, Mercedes-benz E-Class, SUV or XT6, Lincoln Aviator, etc. The range is relatively narrow.But do I really need a $500,000 car?It’s okay to buy a car for $500,000, or even $1 million, if you have the need to spend that much money!The price of the car is more than 500,000 yuan, which is basically no longer cost-effective.What you buy is not a car, but temperament and equipment. You spend money not for the performance of the car, but to show your wealth and status.You said I’m too expensive to buy a cheap car, so that’s another logic for choosing a car.Only in this case, depending on the budget, because waiting for a bus is not the first need, spending money is.It doesn’t matter what the car looks like, but the money has to be spent properly, which is the bottom line of buying a luxury car.In addition, buying more cars should also be practical, you may be able to afford a $500,000 car, but if you don’t need it, the budget can be reduced to $400,000, $300,000.From the point of view of performance, the difference between a 300,000 car and a 500,000 car is not that big, and more budget is spent on “distinctive” after the 500,000 car level.Why, for example, does the Rolls-Royce waist line have to be hand-drawn?Mechanical effect is not as good as manual?Just to make it unique!Do you want to pay for something unique?The same is true for some low – and mid-price models. What if 200,000 yuan of a car meets all your needs, and your budget is 300,000 yuan?Should you choose between $300,000 or lower your budget and save $100,000 tearfully?Sometimes, the family car enterprise car selling cheap is wrong?Remember, the automotive field is really not a penny for a penny, if you do not understand the car, the IQ tax is very high to achieve.

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