CD: Omicron is not the last Novel Coronavirus variant

On February 15th, the Global Governance Forum (Spring 2022) hosted by The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China was held in Beijing.Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese CDC, said at the meeting that the novel Coronavirus mutation still cannot control its characteristics, and omicron is not the last novel coronavirus variant strain, and a new variant strain may appear between April and August 2022. We should remain cautiously optimistic about ending the COVID-19 epidemic this year.Wu zunyou said that the world is currently experiencing the fourth wave of COVID-19, which is much higher than the previous three peaks, mainly due to the rapid spread of Omicron.On the other hand, European and American countries have been more relaxed and failed to take effective control measures, which not only caused the rise of the epidemic in their own countries, but also caused the spread of the epidemic to the world.”We can see clearly that the wave from the African origin, from Africa to Europe and America, especially in the United States and Britain, France, these areas are more developed, at the same time, it is relative closely with the international communication of these countries, these countries in the global spread of the dense gram si strain plays a very important role.”Wu Zunyou said.Will the COVID-19 epidemic end this year?Wu believes ending the COVID-19 epidemic may not be as easy as thought.From the perspective of the mutation of the virus, the virus has undergone several major mutations, which have a great impact on its transmissibility and pathogenicity. This is the virus that is listed as needing special attention by the World Health Organization.Bring China CDC epidemiological chief expert zunyou wu zunyou wu analysis, if the major strain it to analyze the variation, the average every 4 ~ 8 month mutation in an important strain, according to such a situation, he thought that may arise from April to August in 2022 a new mutant strains,This new mutated strain will become the new mainstream epidemic strain.”Epidemiologically, there is no support for this being the last global wave.””From a conceptual point of view, all the technical measures for COVID-19 prevention and control are already available. No single technical measure can contain the virus, but the rational application of these comprehensive measures, as in China, can control the epidemic.”Wu zunyou pointed out that as a UN agency, who is the global health authority and has the responsibility to advocate and guide UN member states to shoulder their responsibilities.In addition, zunyou wu said at the meeting, there are multiple teams are studying how to do to further improve the prevention and control measures of existing, is neither a simple dynamic prevention and control of normalized now reset, also is not a simple “lie flat”, can ensure our outbreak under control, realize people first, life is such a value orientation, and can and international standards,Ensure normal international exchanges and economic development.Source: Cover news

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