China’s firm support for Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas islands has three meanings. China supports its friends and opposes colonialism

On February 7, China and Argentina signed a joint statement, in which article 4 clearly reads: “China reiterates its support for Argentina’s demand for the full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and for the early resumption of negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the dispute in accordance with relevant UN resolutions.”As a matter of fact, China has reiterated this position on many occasions before. It is of great significance to raise this issue again on the occasion of the Argentine President’s visit to China and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.According to my understanding, there are several important meanings.First, uphold international equity and justice.The Malvinas issue is a legacy of colonialism and bullying.The Malvinas Islands were a British colony thousands of miles away.After entering the contemporary era, the colonial problem in the world should have been solved long ago. However, due to economic interests and geostrategic considerations, Britain fought a war with Argentina in the 1980s and continued to rule until the modern era.It can be said that the Malvinas issue is a living fossil of the colonial era as well as the Cold War era.By supporting Argentina, China supports international fairness and justice and opposes international oppression in the old days.Some things, someone needs to speak up.Second, we need to uphold china-Arab friendly relations.In recent years, China and Argentina have maintained sound relations with close economic and trade exchanges and political harmony.Having such a friend in South America is a good thing from every point of view.To support each other, we need to take concrete actions to “support each other’s core interests”.The Malvinas issue is one of Argentina’s core interests.During this visit, Argentina officially signed a memorandum of understanding on the Belt and Road initiative, which aims to carry out cooperation in policy communication, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, people-to-people exchanges and third-party markets, and explore new opportunities for bilateral cooperation so as to achieve common development and prosperity.It’s human nature to give a friend a helping hand on a key issue.Third, uphold China’s international dignity.As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we are one of the most powerful countries on earth, yet we are often seen as easy pickers.The British have always had the illusion that they can put their hands on our doorstep.On the question of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea, the British are still dreaming of their colonial masters.It’s time for us to show the Englishman and his friends that we can do what they do.Just after we declared our support for Argentina’s sovereignty over the Falklands, the British came up to us with “sovereignty issues”.It’s weird when it comes out of their mouths. What is it if it’s not a naked double sign?The world can be so funny sometimes.Why did the British never think of sovereignty when they reached out to Hong Kong?You get to yourself, and suddenly your memory comes back?To put it bluntly, their inexplicable sense of superiority is at fault.It is time, then, to remind the British and their Allies, from the perspective of international justice and practical interests, that the world is long past the point where they can do as they please.When we make friends, we talk about mutual benefit and mutual support.The enhanced cooperation between China and Arab states is not exclusive. It is better than anything else for everyone to live a better life.This can serve as a demonstration effect: whoever has good relations with China, we will do everything possible to protect their interests.Are real relatives, do not play imaginary.This article is exclusively published in Toutiao. Republication is prohibited without authorization.# China reaffirms its support for Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas ## Argentina’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative

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