Chinese super transfer: Guangzhou team acquiesced in the free choice of players, Sun Zhuhao recommended foreign aid to Taishan team

Were more and more closer to the time of Chinese super transfer window opens, there are more teams have a lot of harvest, especially Chinese super power three towns of wuhan, has introduced three foreign aid after liter ultra, in contrast, many Chinese super club teams, not only did not start winter training, recruitment work is stalled, the new perspective will bring you the latest move to dynamic.East of body:Acquiesce in guangzhou team players the freedom to choose, is both the return credit for itself during the Chinese super league last season too many unexpected happens, jiangsu su ning asymptomatic disbanded, many teams showed the back pay, including eight champions league guang-zhou wang, poly mourinho, tallis card contract with guangzhou, and coach fabio cannavaro is also returned to Italy,Naturalized player also leaves jiang Guang too one person only, can say Guangzhou team encountered unprecedented difficulty.Guangzhou team therefore seek to share reform, but for now, progress is not smooth, the football association in order to alleviate the pressure of each team, also issued a third time limit pay, guangzhou team is also after the football association, released the guangzhou team’s pay slip, stipulated the first-team players paid income of 600000 each year, and number accounts for only 10% of the team,That is, only three people can get the maximum salary, this salary limit notice for guangzhou team players, is undoubtedly forcing players to take the initiative to leave., east body post, said the guangzhou football club pay cuts, equivalent to acquiesce in guangzhou team players the freedom to choose, and the players and the team and contract, if you want to leave, have to give up the guangzhou team due to the salary, if they transfer, guangzhou team also won’t barriers, guangzhou team this is return credit for their own burden,It is a good choice for both sides. Guangzhou has not paid its players since September last year, so the players have asked the FOOTBALL Association for help, but Guangzhou does not have any money in their accounts.Sun Zhuhao recommended foreign aid to taishan team!Blogger:Sun Junhao recommended his former teammate Yutsenko to Taishan, and he has intention to join Shandong Taishan. His goal in the new season must be to defend the league title, but Shandong Taishan has no definite news about the striker in the case of Guo Tianyu, but according to kang Bing, president of Luneng Taishan Beijing Fan Association,South Korean foreign aid Son Joon-ho has recommended a striker to Shandong Taishan.Is to follow the whole north (quasi sun hao modern training team B) according to Kang Bing, quasi sun hao to shandong taishan recommended the foreign aid from the north of the modern, is also full of modern north main striker, the player is from Russia, especially CenKe, 32 years old this year, he played his career osnabruck, duisburg, posco iron man, he joined the north modern in early last season,Iyutsenko scored 19 goals in 42 games for Jeonbuk Hyundai last season, including 15 goals in 19 games in the K-League, ranking third in the k-League scoring list.However the player will be able to go, still unknown, because the league has started, the league transfer window has been shut down, suddenly lost a foreign aid, the club may not be able to agree to the north, however, especially CenKe I have intention to join in taishan, the club on loan or completely transfer in a conversation.Last season, Wuhan Became the focus of attention for many times. First, The captain of The National football Team Hao Junmin joined the team, and then the coach of the team Li Xiaopeng was promoted to the national football team and became the coach of the National football Team. Then, the legendary Chinese Super League striker Li Jinyu took the post of the coach of Wuhan Football team and led the team to avoid relegation.But has not yet started the new season, wuhan team is coming from a piece of bad news, wuhan team last season, has just joined the team’s captain junmin hao to the wuhan team please pay on the net, response junmin hao Huang Zichang etc. Are also on the Internet, it spread rapidly through the network, but the wuhan team quickly issued a statement, said the wuhan team do have back pay,The team is expected to resolve the problem of unpaid wages while assembling the team. Now that the team has assembled, there are rumors that six players including Hao Jun-min and Hwang Ji-chang will leave the team, and that coach Lee Geum-woo will also leave the team.Wuhan Football Club announced on its official website that after friendly consultation and full communication, Wuhan Football Club and Coach Li Jinyu officially reached an agreement, he will continue to serve as the wuhan Football Team coach in the new season.Wuhan football team has gathered in zhuoer football training base recently. Under the guidance of Li Jinyu and the coaching team, the team will actively carry out the training and preparation for the new season.To continue coaching wuhan team, is a good thing for li jingyu, wuhan team, although in the Chinese super league is not strong, but at least the Chinese super league team, always like ZhaoJunZhe, jiayi shao did not have a chance to as the Chinese super league team coach, much less money as well as the existence of wage arrears, meaning is not very big, for li jingyu CSL don’t owe pay much, and this is a good exercise to li jingyu,Besides, his surname is Li, and he has a great hope of succeeding Li Xiaopeng!

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