Game mobile phone “new explosion”, one minute sales more than 80,000!120W quick charge + shoulder key + super heat dissipation

On Feb 16, Xiaomi unveiled the third flagship Redmi K50 esports edition powered by snapdragon 8, the first phone in the Redmi K50 universe, with a higher starting price than last year’s K40 series.The starting price of the K40 series is 1,999 yuan, while the K50 game Enhancement starts at 3,299 yuan. Even the Redmi K40 game enhancement is cheaper than the K50 esports version, which also starts at 1,999 yuan.Redmi K50 is a flagship game designed for gamers and students alike. The look and feel of Redmi K50 is focused on game elements, with an emphasis on cooling and gaming experience.At the same time, K50 esports edition is also online flagship, and mi 12 series positioning does not conflict.The Mi 12 series is the high-end flagship of the xiaomi brand, featuring a mass-aesthetic design and a flagship processor. It is also more expensive than the mi 12 series, which starts at 3,699 yuan.There is a clear difference between the K50 esports edition and the Mi 12 series, as the former will not hurt sales of the latter.However, it is impossible to say that there is no impact, K50 esports version and Mi 12 use the same Huaxin photoelectric screen, equipped with snapdragon 8 processor, and better heat dissipation, lower price, game experience K50 esports version is more radical than Mi 12, users will definitely choose K50 esports version first.Netizens said mi 12 is dangerous.The mi 12 series was released on December 28 last year, while the Redmi K50 esports version was released on February 16. The launch of the lower-priced new product in less than two months will certainly affect the sales of the former, given that the market is more competitive this year,IQOO9 series, One Plus 10 Pro, Realme GT2 Pro and other mobile phones have been on the market, if you want to get more market share, can only be launched in advance of the new machine, in addition to THE K50 e-sports version, next month will be equipped with Breguet 8000 K50 universe new machine.Will Redmi K50 esports and Mi 12 be rivals?First, the screen sizes are different. While both are AMOLED screens from Huaxin, the Mi 12 has a flexible, curved 6.28-inch screen, while the Redmi K50 has a 6.7-inch straight screen. The former is more expensive, while the latter has a larger screen and supports 120Hz refresh rate and 480Hz touch sampling and side fingerprint recognition.The accuracy and speed of the side fingerprint is better than that of the optical screen, but the cost is lower, which is one of the reasons the K50 has been able to drive down the price.In terms of performance, Redmi K50 and Mi 12 are powered by Snapdragon 8 processors, LPDDR5 and UFS3.1, but the heat dissipation materials are different. Mi 12 is smaller and has limited cooling area, while K50 uses dual-VC liquid cooling, 6722 square millimeters of 3D graphite, faster and more efficient heat transfer.In addition, the Redmi K50 comes with JBL broadband quad speakers, ultra-broadband X-axis motor, and magnetic pop-up shoulder buttons that gamers love.This was a feature that was unique to black Shark gaming phones, but now it’s being used by Redmi.The performance of the camera is more general and cannot be compared with the Mi 12.Mi 12 front 32 megapixel single shot, rear 50 megapixel IMX766 (OIS) +13 megapixel ultra wide Angle +5 megapixel macro three shot, Redmi K50 esports version front 20 megapixel single shot, rear 64 megapixel IMX686+8 megapixel ultra wide Angle +2 megapixel macro three shot,OIS optical shock protection, which is the Redmi Note10 Pro standard, is not supported, and is for everyday use only.Weak camera is also a common problem of mobile games, weak camera.For battery life, the Redmi K50 esports edition has a built-in 4700mAh battery that supports 120W fast charging.The Mi 12 has a built-in 4500mAh battery and supports 67W wired and 50W wireless.The former charges faster, but as a gaming phone, the battery capacity is still a bit small. The 4700mAh battery is not enough for the Snapdragon 8.Redmi K50 e-sports version will consolidate xiaomi’s high-end market with mi 12 series, but Snapdragon 8 is too weak, even Lu Weibing complained that it is a “broken chip”, K50 e-sports version can become this year’s dark horse is unknown.However, the first sales of one minute over 200 million, that is, 80,000 units is still very good, has the potential to become a burst.Would you buy Redmi K50?Will this phone dive like other Snapdragon 8 phones?Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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