General Office of the State Council issues Notice on Comprehensively Implementing the Management of the List of Items subject to Administrative Licensing

Beijing, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) –The General Office of the State Council recently issued a Notice on comprehensively Implementing the Management of the List of Administrative Licensing Items (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).The circular pointed out that administrative licensing is an important means for the government to manage economic and social affairs in accordance with the law.To comprehensively implement the management of administrative licensing items list is an important measure to deepen the reform of delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation, and improving the business environment.To xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, the correct dealing with the relationship between government and market, government and society, in accordance with the law, strictly implement the administrative licensing item listing, advance the administrative licensing standardization, standardization, and facilitation, and strengthen the regulation of advance things afterwards full chain full field,We will continue to improve the effectiveness of regulation, further stimulate market vitality and social creativity, and promote high-quality economic and social development.The circular requires that a list of administrative licensing items be compiled in accordance with the law.The List of Administrative Licensing Items Set by Laws, Administrative regulations and Decisions of The State Council (version 2022) was published, and the list of administrative licensing items at the provincial, city and county levels was compiled and published by the end of 2022, and all legally set administrative licensing items were included in the list.The basic elements of the list of administrative license items at all levels shall be relatively unified. The items and their basic elements set by the superior in the list of administrative license items in each region and implemented by the local region shall not exceed the scope of the list of administrative license items at the superior level, so as to ensure that the items have the same origin and are unified and standardized.The newly established or adjusted administrative license shall be fully discussed and strictly examined, and the list of administrative license items shall be dynamically adjusted in a timely manner. The negative list of market access and other related lists shall be consistent with and well connected with the list of administrative license items.The circular pointed out that administrative licensing should be implemented strictly in accordance with the list.For the administrative license items in the list, regulations shall be formulated and implemented item by item, sub-items and handling items shall be determined, license conditions, application materials, intermediary services, examination and approval procedures, time limit for examination and approval, fees and other contents shall be clarified and made public.The administrative license implementing organ shall implement the administrative license strictly in accordance with the list and shall not add additional conditions or restrictions.Other than the list, administrative licenses shall not be carried out in violation of the law, and disguised licenses established in various names shall be seriously investigated and remedied.In the implementation of administrative licensing, convenience measures such as notification and commitment, integrated services, online access and inter-provincial access have been implemented.The notice stressed the need to strengthen the whole chain of supervision in all areas.The subject of supervision shall be defined item by item for the items in the list. The competent department of the industry shall implement comprehensive supervision in conjunction with relevant departments for the matters for which the supervision responsibilities are assumed jointly by multiple departments.We will formulate and publish nationally unified, simple, feasible, scientific and reasonable regulatory rules and standards for the items on the list.We will use the list to identify key areas for oversight, and focus oversight in accordance with the law on key areas that directly affect public security and health, as well as areas with high potential risks and high social risks.All regions and departments should attach great importance to comprehensively implementing the management of the list of administrative permission items, strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen supervision and accountability, and strengthen the use of the list, so as to continuously improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of enterprises and the public, the circular said.

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