Hangzhou Qiantang district set up isolation personnel temporary party branch to create the safest and most warm heart isolation point

In hangzhou qiantang district centralized quarantine point, there is a group of “dual identity” party members, from a special branch of the Party – quarantined personnel temporary party branch.They are the people who have been quarantined in this epidemic and are still actively practicing the pioneering qualities of Communist Party members.They are active in the working group of quarantined people, and their voices are heard in all the phone calls to comfort and persuade quarantined people. They are actively engaged in emotional comfort, policy explanation, publicity and guidance to solve the practical difficulties of quarantined people, and better build a “psychological defense line” against the epidemic in their “dual role”.”We 3 isolated party members formally to xiasha street Party working committee put forward the establishment of ‘Qiantang home isolation point isolation of the masses temporary party branch’ application, please approve the party organization!”February 3, Qiantang District Xiasha Street Party working committee received a message from the quarantine point quarantine personnel.The message was sent by Qu Yuguo, a party official from the Qiantang District People’s Procuratorate, who, together with retired Party member Zhang Chuanxing and Pharmaceutical Port Party worker Du Shengnan, set up the district’s first temporary party branch for quarantined people.The birth of the temporary party branch, so that such as home isolation point qiantang district the first double branch management sample.”We are communists, even in isolation.”Qu yuguo said in a working group of the party branch for isolating people.The temporary party branch, which was formed by quarantined party members after the 60s, 80s and 90s, moved quickly to the main battleground of the quarantined point and the main battleground of the working group on the floor line. The “fortress of fighting the epidemic” was stationed at the forefront of prevention and control, and the Party flag flew high among the quarantined people.After the establishment of the temporary party branch, Qu Yuguo first proposed four suggestions: to show the identity, to set an example, to serve, and to prevent the epidemic, and to take the lead in doing three things: to observe the isolation and discipline of the demonstration, to appease the emotions of the masses, and to transmit the appeal of the masses.Soon after all the quarantiners made a public announcement, another quarantiner volunteered to show his party membership and worked together to build a “quarantination-free room, quarantination-free floor and quarantination-free isolation point”.Such inspiring scene also appeared in qiantang District Baiyang street one meter Jinjiang Capital Hotel isolation point.Yuan Wei, the party secretary, mobilized 10 party members from the quarantined people to join the temporary party branch at the quarantined point, relieved the negative emotions of other quarantined people through wechat and other means, and helped them solve their problems online.”The outbreak happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year, and the resistance of some quarantined people was obvious, so we thought of playing the role of Party members among them.As party members, they can serve as a bridge, but as quarantined people, they are better able to think from the perspective of quarantined people, more convincing to ‘show up’, create a positive and understanding atmosphere, and provide more thoughtful suggestions for us to provide precise services.”Yuan Wei explained.In the temporary party branch of quarantined personnel, party members’ responsibility, party spirit and responsibility are not temporary. The subjective initiative of quarantined personnel is fully stimulated and other quarantined personnel are united in their determination to win the battle against the epidemic.Jiang Yingqi was moved by such an atmosphere in one meter jinjiang Capital isolation point, as an activist to join the party, she also took the initiative to serve as a “bridge”, to help isolate special groups of people to solve problems.This is the most vivid epitome of the battle against the epidemic in Qiantang.The effective management mechanism under the guidance of Party construction was vividly reflected at every quarantine point in the competition.32 isolation point secretaries “point long” “shoulder to shoulder”, according to local conditions to play the isolation point temporary party branch “sentinel” “position” role, floor by floor to refine the responsibilities of each party group, to normalize the temporary party branch meetings to coordinate the implementation of hard isolation and warm services;More than 400 party members and cadres at the isolation point have been joined together to give full play to the advantages of close contact with the masses, play a pioneering and exemplary role, and jointly gather a powerful force to protect the security and stability of the isolation point, concentrating on building the safest and most warm isolation point.

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