“Mirror twin Cities” score is not high, shark subject matter is not optimistic, the other two are expected to overtake

This year, a total of three dramas about the shark, Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi’s “Mirror Two Cities” is the first release, they were originally intended to get ratings, but in the end, they were empty, word of mouth and ratings did not reach their expectations, which also caused a big impact on the other two films.Before the premiere of The Mirror, both fans and fans of the book had high expectations that the film would be a hit, and everyone was surprised when it turned out.According to ratings, the show has 46,000 participants, with 70% of netizens unhappy with a one – or two-star rating.First look at the comments of netizens, from the costumes, props, actors’ performance, plot, there are a lot of people making fun of, but also very “you are welcome”, it is a complete failure!From a single shot, you can see that this is a very crude movie, without any real action, only some special effects, which makes people feel unreal at first glance.Add to that the actor’s hair, which is very fake, and you can see how careless the stylist is.Both of them have good looks, but their acting skills need to be improved.The reputation that Li Yifeng had worked so hard to build in Sparrows, Secret and Great, and Animal World was gone at this moment, as if he were back in Tales of Ancient Swords!The failure of “The Mirror” cast a shadow over the other two films.”Legend of The King” by Dilieba, Ren Jialun starring, is a film about the demon master and mermaid love.Reba, Ren Jialun are popular stars, two people together, the topic has not come out, has been on the Internet fire.However, after the trailer was released, the show caused a lot of controversy, including production problems.Photos of Ren jialun playing the mermaid in the show show her wearing what appears to be a leather suit with fake abs, but the outfit is so fake that it has sparked criticism on the Internet.From the production, we can see that the crew is really careful, such good props and special effects, no wonder many people are not optimistic about this drama.Because of Mirror, Jade Bone Yao is not online yet, so a lot of people are making fun of it.”Blue Moon” is also based on “Cangyue”. Although “Blue Moon” is well created, it is not suitable for modern movies, because the scenes in the film are too grand, and the special effects can not keep up with it, which can not fully show the artistic conception of the original work.However, the leading role of this movie is Xiao Zhan, his appearance level and acting are very good, and Ren Min as the heroine of noon, acting is also very good, plus the reasons of the cast, there may be some surprises.What do you think of Ren Jialun’s “Yu Xia Ji” and Xiao Zhan’s “Yu Gu Yao”?

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