Tongguan district many measures to promote the construction industry transformation development

As the main urban area, construction and real estate industry in tongguan District in the regional economic development of a decisive position.Since last year, this area has accelerated the development of the construction industry, constantly enhancing the construction capacity, improving the industrial scale and enterprise strength, optimizing the organization mode of engineering construction, the core competitiveness of enterprises, supervision system and mechanism, promoting the innovation of construction technology, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction and real estate industry high-quality development.It is understood that last year, the area is expected to complete construction output value of 6.71 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 8%;Real estate investment is expected to reach 6.1 billion yuan, up 7% year on year.Real estate sales area is 1.05 million square meters, up 22.8% year on year.The increasing construction industry innovation ability construction, encourage enterprises in the application of new technology and new materials research and development and domestic universities and research institutes to cooperate, to carry out technical transformation and new product development, industry chain extension, develop the building intelligence, mechanical and electrical installation, ports, water conservancy, sewage treatment such as professional technical characteristics, focus on developing green buildings and prefabricated buildings,We will support some construction and security enterprises, some Thai construction enterprises, municipal enterprises and other enterprises to speed up the pace of “going global”, actively develop general contracting and general integration, strengthen the market development potential of enterprises with second-level or higher advantages, increase support for market development of enterprises with second-level or higher advantages, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.Last year, the output value of the construction industry outside the city achieved a new breakthrough, and the annual output value of the construction industry increased by nearly 10%.At the same time, the area encourages leading backbone enterprises in the construction industry to carry out cross-field multi-directional cooperation in various forms, and cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to cultivate leading backbone construction enterprises with strong operating characteristics, high technological content and good market prospects, and give full play to the leading role of demonstration and demonstration to cultivate and expand leading enterprises.We supported enterprises to expand market space, consolidated and increased the market share of construction enterprises in resettlement housing and government public projects, and guided enterprises to promote their qualifications. Last year, nearly 20 enterprises with construction qualifications were net increased, and the proportion of high-grade enterprises was further increased.In addition, the area increased supervision of the property industry, timely put the poor service quality, low management level, complaints of property service enterprises into the blacklist, improve the level of property service management.Standardizing property joint conference system, formulating property management service standards, organizing and holding property joint meetings regularly attended by relevant departments, owners’ committees, property enterprises, owners’ representatives, etc., to scientifically analyze and solve specific problems in property management.Special governance should be carried out, focusing on the problem that supporting facilities in residential communities have not been handed in or built, multi-party docking and tracing should be carried out to promote the handover work as soon as possible, and the subsequent supporting handover and inspection of residential communities should be completed synchronously.(Tong Guan Xuan)

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