The parents both cheat, the son grow up to have an extramarital affair, a family is broken

The middle-aged woman’s name is Chen Xiu. Her words shocked us. Beating, gambling and burning are not words that should be used in a normal family.But as we learn more, we find another even more shocking news, Chen Xiu did not divorce her husband Yuan Jianqiang, but actually lived with another middle-aged man Zhang Yawen, which is completely cheating in marriage, and even suspected of bigamy.The reason she gave is beyond our understanding. It would be terrible if Chen Xiu could betray her family and abandon her husband just because she doesn’t need to spend her own money and someone takes care of her.But in fact, the tragedy began more than 20 years ago. At that time, Chen Xiu and her husband Yuan Jianqiang met when they were young. After they got together, they gave birth to two sons and a daughter.But what let Chen Xiu cannot accept is, Yuan Jianqiang not only abuse gambler still often is violent to her home, she chooses to run away from home eventually, go together with zhang Yawen of the butcher pig craftsman that knows in vegetable market, so this is the reason that Chen Xiu derailment, from this it seems that she also is helpless.Steevy chong hue son ran away from home after Yuan Lin until now still refused to forgive, in the eyes of Yuan Lin mother steevy chong hue also had a habit of abuse, she left home and take away all of the property in the home, causing the original rich family poor, they can only be cared for by his father jian-qiang yuan, three brothers so Yuan Lin never thought my mother steevy chong hue back,It was not until something happened that he changed his mind.Yuan Lin’s father yuan Jianqiang is seriously ill now, life can not take care of themselves, need a person to take care of.Yuan Lin hopes that his mother Chen Xiu can come home to take care of his father. We cannot agree with Yuan Lin. Yuan Lin has no feelings for his mother and only regards her as a nanny.But in Yuan Lin’s view, his father, Yuan Jianqiang, had always been kind to his mother, Chen Xiu, and had never beaten her, and it was her fault that Chen Xiu ran away from home, not worthy of sympathy.Yuan Lin’s attitude is totally different from Chen Xiu’s, but we have to turn to Chen Xiu for the answer to the truth of the matter.After all, Compared with his three sons and daughters, Chen xiucai is the one involved.Chen admitted that she did have a habit of gambling, but spent all her own money, adding that she did not take the family’s money, but ultimately it was Yuan jianqiang’s abuse that drove her away from home and into a relationship with someone else.But faced with his mother’s story, Yuan Lin denied it and even claimed that his mother destroyed his home.Chen Xiu did not agree with Yuan Lin’s statement, perhaps too excited, she finally told the real reason for running away from home.It turns out that her husband Yuan Jianqiang has cheated on her many times outside, as does her son Yuan Lin, which is the source of the divorce between the son and his daughter-in-law.Seeing his mother opened his scars, Yuan Lin became angry and made a decision, he let his mother Chen Xiu and father Yuan Jianqiang divorce, completely cut ties with the family, do not hurt his father.Only then did we learn that Although Chen Xiu was living with Zhang Yawen, she did not apply for a marriage certificate.Chen Xiu finally agreed to Yuan Lin’s request. She had been waiting for more than ten years, and she did not want to have anything to do with Yuan Jianqiang any more.Therefore, at The request of Yuan Lin, Chen Xiu divorced her father Yuan Jianqiang and completely cut off their relationship.But the matter is far from over, because we found a lot of problems in this emotional dispute, perhaps the relationship between family education, or perhaps the genetic reasons.Yuan Jianqiang rotten bet derailed, Chen Xiu also rotten bet derailed, Yuan Lin also rotten bet derailed, they personally tear up their own happy home, blame others, but when they do these things, whether to think of their children?Their fathers, a wife, as the RenFu, not assume responsibility, meet the things just want to put the question to jilt to others, how sad, so only domestic abuse, abuse poison to discard bad habits, such as the courage to assume the responsibility of looking after a family, to have a happy family, rather than all the troubles due to others, being bitter.What do you think about that?Share in the comments!– END — click on the focus, don’t get lost!This article belongs to the author’s original content, copyright belongs to the author himself, welcome everyone to like, comment, share!Regularly share news from around the world, if you like, you can follow the small editor, check out more interesting articles!Pictures are from the network (if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you!)

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