Wengan monkey field town Green pool village: for the people to do canal practical people grateful to send pennant

Recently, the pool village, rural revitalization task force and the village two committees received a team in the name of the pool village, CAI courtyard group collective to pennants, it reads “rural revitalization help development, water, drainage into embellish the hearts and minds”, sincerely on pool village, village, CAI courtyard villager group of revitalization of the task force and the village two committees to help repair the ditch gratitude.The renovated ditch is located in the Village of Qingchi CAI Jiayuan villagers group, a total length of more than 800 meters, the ditch due to disrepair, long-term water access, spring farming production water is not guaranteed, leading to part of the land water irrigation difficulties, to the villagers spring farming production caused great inconvenience.After making clear of the situation, the Qingchi Village rural revitalization Task force and the village branch two committees immediately visited, studied and evaluated, and formulated the feasibility report of ditch construction, and actively coordinated with relevant units to win the project.Finally, through the unremitting efforts of the team, we obtained a construction fund of 100,000 yuan from the Qiannan Branch of Guiyang Bank for the ditches project, and the people started to repair them in March this year. At present, all the repairs have been completed.”Now the ditch is ready and water is available for planting.”Green pool village CAI Jiayuan group of villagers leader CAI kaicheng said with a smile.It is understood that the trench after repair will effectively solve the pool village, CAI courtyard villager group, wood raw villager group, GuanYan villager group of more than 500 mu of paddy field irrigation problem, related to benefit the masses of more than 300 households, for three villager group of grain production in the coming year to lay a solid foundation, promote the increase of economic benefits, strengthen the people’s happiness and satisfaction.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Lu Taiming editor Liang Xiaolin editor Mo Yu Zhang Carry forward

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