Bougainvillea climbing wall, bloom in full bloom, it becomes a wall of flowers, neighbors and friends envy

In day by day commercialization, modern life, even the adornment of a few rooms also appears to be full of craftsmanship.It is this trend that makes people more advocating some natural ornaments or objects.Even pursue the quality of life closer to nature.Potted flowers, the most desirable of these ornaments, seem even more valuable.Just the thought of having a potted flower presence in your home, or even a corner decorated with flowers, is strangely pleasant.Even if only a very small area, but close, you can still feel the deep feeling and unique aura belonging to nature.Bougainvillea is the most popular among potted flowers.But most people are all planted in a small potted pot, the bougainvillea that grows out more is only long to thicket high appearance, although also do not have some beautiful, but this and bougainvillea really beautiful contrast or have a world of distance.So try to plant bougainvillea at the foot of the wall or living balcony or ecological park on the long outline.As the bougainvillea grows, it holds a conference and keeps climbing, growing vines firmly around the wall or guardrail. After a while, it can grow into a shocking mass.Until these budding buds to bloom, one after another impatient blooming their own beauty.Bright red, blue purple, light yellow, milky white these various colors no matter in succession, afraid of a late step robbed by other patterns can be said to be.That full wall full life balcony and even the whole length of the outline is full of that xu there petals, is not shocking.Bougainvillea is just a strong climbing ability can get up to continue climbing advantage.But there is no need to let your guard down just because it is beautiful, for the more beautiful beings are the more they carry unknown risks.The bougainvillea has prickles as dangerous as the delicate rose, and the bougainvillea has prickles on its branches.Therefore, we should pay special attention to it when cleaning it at ordinary times, so as not to hurt themselves.But if one of these plants were planted on the balcony, it would produce a large bougainvillea.And bougainvillea is not easy to look self-revealing, and its beauty masks its risks.That can also ease those people’s defensive mind, is a very good defensive force existence.Bougainvillea’s flowering period is also longer, and there is no need to worry about the continuous time of the sea of flowers.Although beautiful things are mostly fleeting, bougainvillea is free from this view.Except for this period of growth and the periods of extreme cold, almost all of the year is its flowering season.That is, as long as the petals are given, unless there is interference, they can not fall off.If it is planted in a warmer area, it is not difficult to bloom all year round.So this kind of characteristic moved a large number of people who were attracted to it.Bougainvillea is not suitable for growing and flowering in winter because its origin is not in China, but in America, where the climate is very different from everyone here.Thus bougainvillea against the cold ability is relatively weak, do one in the winter is coming or is the arrival of strong cold air, it is best to move early bougainvillea colonization to the room.Otherwise, they will probably not survive the cold winter.It is only after being transplanted into the room that it can be moved back out into the open air and bloom again until the winter is over.Except this kind, bougainvillea soil also has certain regulation.The sorption viscosity of soil is not strong, and at the same time, the soil belongs to the range of slightly acidic and alkaline.Looking for this kind of soil is not enough, but you need to add some peat or leaf mould to ensure that the soil itself is fertile.In addition, every time after a period of time need to add fertilizer, to avoid the loss of fertilizer efficiency.Only abundant fertility can ensure that bougainvillea can grow unscrupulously in the whole process of growth, improve the time spent in growth, and quickly confirm the beautiful flowers.The end result is a full daily dose of sunlight.Bougainvillea is fond of the sun, and as trees and flowers in woodland are fond of light, the rings of the trees are more concentrated on the sunny side.The bougainvillea, too, grows more abundantly when it is exposed to more light, giving it more colorful petals.Click on the commodity card below to buy!This shop shelves high-quality Brazilian bougainvillea, all are 6 years old miao miao above!The root is strong and good!Price concessions during the current event!Variety is also complete!Package mail package alive!

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