Improper winter Olympic referee retired soldiers, not a good cook!

You never know how good your co-worker is at hiding his or her identity until he or she secretly attends the Winter Olympics.According to the Microblog of China University of Petroleum (East China), one of their canteen chefs, Ming Zhixiang, recently took a leave of absence to work as a technical officer for the Winter Olympics.In 2004, Ming Zhixiang applied for China University of Petroleum (East China) school food service center, become yulan Garden restaurant an ordinary kitchen staff, but little known is, Ming Zhixiang has another identity.Ming zhixiang started his dream of becoming a skier when he entered the hulin Sports School in Heilongjiang province at the age of 10.With a love of ice and snow, a hard-working and talented man, Ming Zhixiang soon stood out and participated in provincial and national competitions for many times.He served in the army for 5 years and won the third place in the National Games. In 1985, he was selected to the PLA August 1 ski team because of his excellent performance. He served for 5 years and won the third place in the National Games.He retired from the ski team after being injured in sports.After retirement, Ming Zhixiang never gave up his love for ice and snow sports: he served as the head of the alpine ski resort in Yabuli Ski Resort in Heilongjiang Province and the director of the catering department of the Heilongjiang ski team. He also spent some time in ice and snow sports every year and obtained the qualification of the referee of ice and snow events in his spare time.He served as a judge of national skiing competitions for many times, and was a judge of ice and snow sports in the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th National Games.In the National Games and other venues, he continued to write his love for ice and snow as a referee.On January 21, Ming Zhixiang said goodbye to his family, asked for a good leave from school, and reported to Beijing to officially embark on the Beijing Winter Olympic Games technical officer post.At the end of December 2021, After several rounds of selection, Ming zhixiang finally received an invitation from the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games. “To participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as a technical official fulfills my lifelong dream of sports, and I will do my best to ensure the successful completion of the games,” he said.”As a technical officer of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I am a penalty lap recorder for biathlon. I feel proud but also responsible.”Ming zhixiang said that he not only needs to be fair, accurate and foolproof to complete the record work, but also shoulder the task of providing services to ensure the successful completion of the biathlon.It is understood that he will continue to judge the Paralympics after completing his biathlon work at the Winter Olympics.After the 21-day quarantine on March 15, I will return to the food service Center of China University of Petroleum (East China) in early April, change into chef’s clothes and continue to work as a chef of Yulanyuan Restaurant.Net friend: this is the reality version of “sweeping the floor monk” ordinary post, extraordinary life with strength across the world!Retired soldier Ming Zhixiang!Much!!!!Article source: Chinese ex-soldier (ID: ZgTYJR).Reprint need to indicate from “Chinese ex-servicemen” wechat public number, otherwise regarded as infringement.Source: China Youth Daily, China University of Petroleum (East China), etc

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