Power coal price | policy guidance pressure, pithead initiative price reduction

1. Origin: Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission held a meeting, requiring that the price of pithou coal mine should not be higher than 700 yuan/ton, so as to improve the coal supply guarantee level. In the evening, many coal mines began to lower the coal price and implement the price according to the policy.2. North Port: The total inventory of Caofeidian is 6.441 million tons (-9.1), with 26 anchorage ships and 15 pre-arrival ships.Jingtang port warehouse 2.372 million tons (+3.8), 10 anchorage ships, 3 in advance.Qinhuangdao has a stock of 4.70.0 million tons (+10.0), 50 anchorage ships and 13 pre-arrival ships.The total inventory of Qin, Jingtang and Caofeidian is 13.513 million tons (+4.7), with 86 anchorage ships and 31 pre-arrival ships.3, middle and lower reaches: North port: port inquiries have increased, but the transaction is still less.Affected by the NDRC meeting, the buyer’s wait-and-see sentiment is still high.Price is stable, 5000K quoted 1020-1060 yuan/ton, 5500K quoted 1160-1230 yuan/ton.Yangtze River mouth: jiangnei market slightly loose, power plants waiting for policy guidance, wait-and-see sentiment is stronger.The quotation for 5000K/1S is 1060-1090 yuan/ton, and the quotation for 5500K is about 1280 yuan/ton.4, import: the spot market is tight, still mainly to digest orders in January, Indonesia coal Nar3800K small boat reported $76-78 / ton, large ship reported $80 / ton, Nar4500K reported $120 / ton, coal to the domestic upside down.5, coastal freight: the market long association pallet is in the majority, the market coal pallet is less, transportation demand is cold, freight price is weak and stable operation.February 9, CBCFI Qinhuangdao-Zhangjiagang 40,000-50,000 ton ship freight index at 31.2 yuan/ton (+0.1), Qinhuangdao-Guangzhou 60,000-70,000 ton ship at 33.8 yuan/ton (-0.6).6, market overview: Yesterday afternoon, the National Development and Reform Commission held a meeting of relevant enterprises, requiring port price limit of 900 yuan/ton, 700 yuan/ton pit mouth, speed up coal production, and so on, the wording is more severe.Yesterday afternoon disk reaction, night disk jumped low open after the shock rebound.The policy guidance limit price requirements in yesterday evening coal mine has responded, market sentiment further hit.At present, the downstream daily consumption is running at a high level, and the power plant inventory is ok, but the pithole and port inventory are at a historical low level. Therefore, it is still necessary to see the substantial increase of port inventory driven by the increase in output.In the short term under the guidance of the policy, the market will tend to be stable, continue to pay attention to the fundamental changes.More market frontier analysis, please continue to pay attention to yi Coal information APP!

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