Suddenly, the wedding is off!

New Zealand prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Wednesday that new quarantine restrictions will be in place to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus strain of the omikron virus.Announced the cancellation of a wedding planned for this summer (summer in New Zealand, in the southern hemisphere).Ardern, 41, has a daughter with her fiance.New Zealand reported 24 new cases of the omikron strain of the virus, all of which were transmitted in the community, on Monday, the New Zealand Herald reported Wednesday.One case of mass infection is of particular concern to health authorities: nine members of a family infected with Omicron in motuica, a town on the country’s South Island.The family had visited Auckland, the north Island city, for weddings, funerals and parks and tourist attractions, with more than 100 people meeting each other.New Zealand’s prime minister, and his fiance GaiFuDe data diagram for this, New Zealand’s prime minister, adebayor, 23, held an emergency press conference, announced the New Zealand will come into effect from the 24 “red” level of epidemic prevention, bars and restaurants and other indoor places restrictions and wedding activities such as number, asking people wearing masks in public transport and store.She stressed that the “red” level does not mean “lockdown”, businesses can continue to operate, and people can still visit friends and relatives and move freely around the country.The new measures will remain in place until at least the end of next month, AFP reported.New Zealand has banned most international travellers since the outbreak in March 2020.The government delayed a planned reopening in phases from mid-January to the end of February amid fears that the omicron strain could exacerbate the outbreak.As far back as May last year, reports surfaced that Ardern and fiance Clark Gayford were planning to tie the knot by the end of January 2022.Ardern has revealed plans for her and fiance’s wedding “didn’t go well” due to her busy schedule.In the interim, their wedding venue has also changed, from a restaurant to a more upscale luxury estate.Asked by a reporter how she felt about putting off marriage, Ardern responded helplessly: “That’s life.”New Zealand’s “first man” is once again in the spotlight after Ardern announced the wedding had been postponed.Ardern’s fiance Gayford, 45, studied at The New Zealand Broadcasting School and became a fishing presenter after graduating with a passion for fishing.In 2015, Gayford made a documentary about fishing, which was later shown on the National Geographic Channel in the US and watched in 35 countries around the world.Gayford and Ardern met at a restaurant awards show in 2012 when gayford was a presenter and Ardern was an opposition MP.On their first official date, Gayford took Ardern out fishing and she landed a snapper weighing over 10kg on her first outing.Ardern became New Zealand’s prime minister in October 2017.Announcing her pregnancy in January 2018, she said: “I will be prime Minister and mother, Gayford a fishing fan and a stay-at-home dad.”Their daughter was born on June 21, 2018.Gayford and Ardern announced their engagement over the Easter break in 2019.Since then, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted their wedding plans, delaying the wedding date and making it impossible for them to consummate their marriage even though their child is already three-and-a-half years old.Gayford, the awkward first gentleman, has been the subject of occasional vilified attacks on New Zealand’s social media for appearing alongside Ardern at a number of official events without a title.Gayford caused a stir in late December when he was accused of being “politically unenlightened”.Some of Gayford’s friends in the music industry, who had accidentally been in close contact with confirmed cases, wanted to buy quick COVID-19 tests for themselves.Under New Zealand’s policy at the time, these reagents were restricted for use in specific occasions or for specific groups of people.In an attempt to get the reagent to his friend, Gayford told the pharmacy that there had been a “change in health department policy” and his friend could buy it.Gayford apologised after the “first Gentleman” was criticised by the country’s COVID-19 response authorities.Global Times, Beijing Evening News All rights reserved if any infringement please contact to delete

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