Xunzhou Island, a beautiful island, a colorful journey

Haishan Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou city, has an island, Xunzhou Island.In ancient times, there are beacon towers on the island to transmit messages, so called Xunzhou Island.But because people living by the sea are close to the water, they attach importance to fishing.So it turned into Xunzhou Island when it was used.Xunzhou island covers 2.5 square kilometers, about the same size as Xi ‘ao Island, another raoping island.Both islands belong to semi-developed islands, but the fishery development of Xunzhou Island is stronger than that of Western Ao Island.Xunzhou island in the sea, countless cages, breeding a variety of fish, supply chaoshan area and surrounding seafood market.Especially oysters, xunzhou island but a large chaoshan oyster breeding base.Visit Xunzhou Island, there are two stages of the tour, experience two different content: the sea home and the island scenery.People on the sea refers to the cage on the sea of Xunzhou Island and the restaurants and leisure places on the sea.You can experience the life of fishermen raising fish in cages;You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea while enjoying the delicious food in the sea restaurant.After the island scenery is on the island, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xunzhou Island, and the original ecological life of the island residents.Follow me to experience this rich and wonderful trip to Xunzhou Island.To Xunzhou Island, to raoping County Haishan town xiaojinmen aquaculture area ferry pier, here in the past.If it is a self-driving friend, when the car is less, you can park near the dock, there are painted line parking Spaces.When there are a lot of cars, you have to park farther away, on the dirt, there is no marked parking space.But no matter which parking Spaces, are to charge, usually 10 yuan a car, holidays 20 yuan a car.There is no time limit, but it is best not to stay overnight, otherwise you will be overcharged and safety will be difficult to guarantee.I parked in the parking lot far away from the dock, and the parking space was still ample. I found the boats on the island at the dock. These boats are government-numbered boats, which are usually used to take islanders to and from the cage to the other side of the boat.Last year, when I came here, it was 2 yuan per person. This year, the price has increased by 3 yuan per person.The 3 yuan is only for one-way trip, and you have to buy another ticket on your return trip, which supports mobile payment.There are some life jackets on board and they are advised to be worn for safety.In addition, the sea voyage will be very bumpy, people use mobile phones and cameras, pay attention to hold mobile phones and cameras, to avoid falling into the sea.These are the little houses on top of the cages where the fishermen live.I can see some of the accessories in the house, some appliances and furniture, but I don’t know if there is Wifi.Next to the small house, is the toilet, really fully equipped.The houses on the cages, where the fishermen used to live and this is the toilet on the cages and not only do people live on the cages, but a lot of cats live on the cages.Are these cats alone here in the cage? Tom must be alone here without Jerry.But they must be very happy to have so much fish to eat.There are also large fishing boats docked in the cages to buy the seafood.We just saw a boat leave with a boatload of oysters.Many of the oysters in the wet markets and barbecue stalls in chaoshan area are raised here.A full ship of oysters shipped to Chaoshan around the ship will pass some Marine restaurants, Marine leisure base, you can enjoy the scenery here, while tasting food.There are some Internet celebrities take photos of the equipment, facing the sea, take beautiful photos, think about it all feel very beautiful.It’s February 6, 2022, the sixth day of the first lunar month, and the fishermen on the cages are welcoming guests from afar.Our boat first sent them to the cage, in the cage to celebrate the New Year, talk about the New Year’s plan, think also feel very interesting.Too bad I don’t have any friends here.It took me 20 minutes more than usual to visit my friends on the cage during the Spring Festival. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to get from Xiaojinmen wharf to Xunzhou Island wharf.Today I walked for half an hour, a little longer because I had to take the islanders to the cages.But I think it’s worth it because FOR the same price I get more scenery and a stronger fishing culture.Arrived at the xunzhou island dock, there are xunzhou island stone cards, stone cards behind the historical origin of Xunzhou Island.There are a lot of motorbikes parked at the dock, because there is no bridge, so cars can’t come, and motorbikes are the daily means of transportation for the islanders.Normally these motorcycles can take those boats to the other side, but because of the holidays, these boats can take people.So islanders park their motorcycles at the docks and take boats to the other side.Xunzhou Island is a semi-developed island, so a lot of supporting facilities are still under construction, I believe that when summer arrives, the island will be different scenery.When the time comes, choose to travel to the seaside in chaoshan area, and much a good choice.The islanders have built some nice little houses, incomes have risen, and they have opened a restaurant that attracts many tourists.Island residents also have dried some radish, these dried radish, in our Chaoshan area called “vegetable preserved”.The islanders also grow radishes and preserved vegetables, which is really surprising.Following the beach, you will come to a seaside promenade that has been built.Take a stroll along this walkway and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.Slowly, went to the three – fold stone scenic area of Xunzhou Island.From another perspective, the Triad stone scenic spot will feel that the Triad stone and the Sphinx next to the Egyptian pyramids are very similar.It looks like a sphinx. Further on, it’s the end of this beach walk.Well, it would be Prefect if the promenade could be made to run straight through the whole of Sin Chau Island.But the scenery here is also very good, the sea is blue waves, reefs are various forms.Foggy, otherwise you can see the opposite South Island.If it is not foggy at the end of the beach trail, you can see Namo Island on the other side of the beach and enjoy the idyllic scenery and mountain scenery on the island.Xunzhou island is mostly mountainous, the mountains are lush with trees, because the ecological protection is very good, here the pine knot is full of pine nuts.If squirrels were here, they would be very happy.The pine trees are covered with pine nuts and then we come to the village of the island, which has the same name as the island and is also called Xunzhou Village. Now many new houses have been built.But some of the old houses also show the age of the village.In Xunzhou village, some flower beds are made of oyster shells and cement, and the houses used to be made of oyster shells, no problem with hao (Oyster) house ah.Oyster beds and some houses are made of granite stones that look old.In those days when there was no heavy machinery, to build a house like this shows how great the working people of China were.Xunzhou island is always typhoon landing, these houses can stand typhoon for many years, for people shelter from wind and rain, you can see how strong.At present, xunzhou Island is still in continuous development and improvement, I believe that this summer, we will see a different Xunzhou island.Hot summer, in the chaoshan seaside tourist sites also more than a choice.

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