Yanyuan County, Sichuan province, carries out fire prevention and control drills on forest and grassland

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the People’s Armed Forces Department of Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, organized more than 600 people from the paramilitary emergency corps, including fire fighting, public security, armed police and comprehensive emergency rescue, to conduct a forest and grassland fire fighting drill in Shuanghaizi Field, Jibo Village, Yantang Town.The purpose is to examine the implementation of the combat readiness work of using militia to participate in forest and grassland fire prevention and control team, strengthen the awareness of emergency combat readiness and the team’s ability of quick response to carry out tasks, improve the awareness of militia to participate in fire prevention and control and the ability of coordinated combat, and effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Drill simulation of the “forest fire” occurred in the village of Yantang town, Yantang town government requested the county people’s Armed Forces department to use militia support, Yanyuan County people’s Armed Forces Department quickly started the emergency plan, the establishment of front-line command, precise command of the militia arrived at the scene of the fire in the first time.The commander immediately observed the fire site and made a clear judgment based on the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, fire and development trend of the fire site: the area was dry or sunny for more than 30 days, the temperature reached more than 7 degrees Celsius, and the wind force reached more than level 4. It was easy to form a strong fire and spread quickly.According to the study and judgment of the scene situation, the commander determined the breakthrough of the fire site, made clear the specific fire fighting tactics, scientifically deployed each group to enter the fire fighting, and carried out drills orderly in accordance with the guiding ideology of safety first and scientific fighting.During the whole exercise, the participants were full of spirit, clear division of labor, tacit cooperation and quick action. They successfully completed the exercise with a good fighting style.(CAI Jianming, Wu Yong, Yang Dong) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Nan Review Editor: Zhu Hai Tonglian: National Defense Times news Center 2028960156@qq.com

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