Employee: How can I get my boss to accidentally read this article?

We all have this kind of trouble at work, obviously things have a lot of, but there are endless meetings.What is the purpose of our meeting?It is to promote the decision-making deployment and operational development of work to a certain extent.But some meetings last 30 minutes when they could have been 10 minutes!Ten minutes to talk about something else, ten minutes to talk about business, and ten minutes to adjust equipment!Waste time in equipment debugging, not only low efficiency, but also cost everyone’s work.Come on, everyone’s busy!So the traditional meeting to change!Xiaobian to bring you innovative and subversive meeting experience to explore the “cool” efficient meeting “cool” point a meeting hanging, efficiency pull full!At present, although some colleagues cannot report for work, they have also opened the remote working status.With cloud videoconferencing, you can ignore space constraints wherever you are and enjoy brainstorming with your colleagues.ThinkSmart Hub is a great way to efficiently and smoothly complete teleconferencing.There is no tedious system operation, support a key meeting, simple and easy to use, so that the meeting is as easy as making a phone call, no matter how urgent the meeting can be quickly prepared.The rich collaborative experience provided by the meeting application allows you to join online meetings in different meeting rooms at any time, making it feel like working together in the same place.Refuse the chaotic desktop where USB lines interweave with each other, and adopt the highly integrated One Cable to display the one-line design, so that the conference room is more concise!10.1-inch 360° rotating HD touch screen, easy to care for each participant without a big screen.Omnidirectional microphone precise sound pick up, with Dolby sound speaker, clear transmission, with unclear voice and hoarse noise say goodbye.ThinkSmart Hub is a video, audio and computing trinity that makes meeting performance easy to handle.There’s always one for you!Cover the four major online conference software, more conference software, is increasing the boot to use to understand?Touch screen operation interface + perfectly adapted meeting software + common office software, basically no learning cost, but also according to the needs of the enterprise to adapt other software;Support more equipment combinations, matching the “ideal” conference room!ThinkSmart Bar satellite microphone can accurately collect conference room audio information, DSP digital signal processor, effectively eliminate noise echo;ThinkSmart Cam 4K HD video images can automatically identify the whiteboard, focus, zoom, sound tracking, no problem with a “veteran camera”, so that the meeting picture more intelligent.With the combination of ThinkSmart Bar and ThinkSmart Cam, you can get comfortable conference experience even in a conference room with more than 30 people.A variety of placement, equipment into the conference space perfect, want to play a variety?ThinkSmart!”Cool” point three a platform all done!The operation and maintenance management platform can monitor the equipment status in real time, which one needs to be upgraded, which one needs to be repaired, all the quick follow-up is clear, and the fault report tracking analysis is in place in one step.The meeting management platform allows you to send reminders in various ways before attending a meeting to ensure that the meeting information is timely and accurately synchronized, and important meetings are not missed due to forgetting.Notebook, tablet, mobile phone can book the meeting room, truly realize the multi-terminal real-time efficient booking, timely release of the unsigned meeting room.The minutes can be uploaded online in real time, and the room temperature and lighting can be adjusted by one key, making the meeting room more intelligent and efficient.As a meeting machine, ThinkSmart Hub has these “cool” points for efficient meetings that you want. Do you get them?Let’s hope bosses stumble across this article and usher in a new era of smart meetings

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