GOLFJOY S95 indoor golf simulator to write a new chapter

With an international vision, insight into the global market, germination of local scientific research and innovation of new forces.The cultivation of golf lies in tapping the door of dialogue with self.With uav laser scanning technology, Haina World Famous resort, with 4K cinema-level display output, brings an immersive golf experience.Galloping life, love can arrive years long, hand in hand to write a new prologue!01: The best moment 1:1 presents uav scanning modeling, 1:1 restores the real data of the course, and presents the best moment of the course.Massive real data scanned by drones, through multiple and complex post-production from film sources, finally achieve photorealistic rendering effects, giving users a strong visual and interactive impact.Centimeter-level course error control, so that you can immerse in the world’s famous venues in the room!Leading the industry to use true 4K ultra hd 60 frames cinema level output display, 1:1 reduction of THE 3D stadium to a perfect display.Through the screen, you can feel the temperature and humidity of the stadium, the precision of the trajectory, and the exquisite details…..Here, the interaction between the golf ball and the software world is infinitely realistic, breaking through the boundaries of visual sense, providing users with a “frame collection version” of indoor golf lifestyle, hitting the experience of “silky smooth”.GOLFJOY S95 3D Golf Course Details Exhibition 03: Sky Box is customized for the course morning, noon, sunset three different rendering effects, the course temperature, humidity, clouds, light and shadow will change with the time.Restoring the life tension of the stadium, we cast a vessel with thousands of hammers, not for prosperity easy ingenuity.GSV PRO sensor is built with two sets of high-speed cameras with acquisition speed up to 6500 frames/s to capture every frame rotation of the ball, with operation time of 0.23s and accuracy of more than 99%.Through AI intelligent collection – big data cloud computing analysis – autonomous system – personalized recommendation, complete the user’s individual hyper-personalized analysis and recommendation.What we’re good at is immersing you in the flow.From millisecond chip processing technology to powerful core algorithms, from special optical devices to patented MARK ball design, from the integration of top aviation materials to binocular 3D double calibration mechanism……Every exquisite detail tells hengtaixin technology’s consistent love for golf life.Just swim and enjoy the freedom, GOLFJOY S95 will be your peer advisor on the road to golf advancement, assisting you on every climb.As a national high-tech enterprise, shenzhen software enterprise and guangdong province specialized special new “little giant” enterprise, Taixin technology has nearly 30 invention patents.The whole series of products in accordance with international standards of production management, have passed the stability, reliability, safety and other tests, the EU CE, THE EU RoHS, IEC standards, North America FCC and other international authority certification.Responsible for products and customers, build a brand moat from top to bottom, to create products that can stand the test of the market.GOLFJOY S95 indoor golf won the praise and favor of professional players, insiders and online and offline audiences with its “professional, accurate and beautiful” amazing performance in Shanghai and Suzhou online women’s golf events in the middle and late October and early November.07: Domestic goods when self-improvement!Do the world boutique!After the press conference, GOLFJOY S95 opened a two-month pre-sale channel. More than 60 VIP numbers were signed, among which 6 were booked on the day of the press conference.More than 10 sets of international orders were completed.GOLFJOY S95 has been on sale all over the world since October 30th.GOLFJOY S95 indoor golf, made in China, has been running to domestic and foreign golf fans!GOLFJOY S95 transaction customers have shown a very obvious commonality: the order is very straightforward.After the experience, customers said: “Accurate trajectory, amazing picture!Domestic goods when self-improvement!The domestic indoor golf is now leading the world!”What luck!This group of family customers hand in hand to write a new generation of indoor golf common cause!”We believe that with this product (GOLFJOY S95), the market will have a completely different view of the indoor golf industry!”With the “make it easier, better play golf” mission and social responsibility, HengTai letter will from scientific and technological strength of science and technology, research and development strength, brand quality, brand direction constantly deep cultural charm, strength, to “high-quality goods of the world” to catch up, to struggle with our next generation output healthy golf lifestyle!

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