In 2018, a man in Guangdong province was paralysed and bedridden, while his wife and daughter deliberately stayed with relatives and friends

Confucianism has been advocating the way of the gentleman since ancient times, and “filial piety” is regarded as one of the intuitive ways to test the gentleman. In the feudal dynasty ruled by Confucianism, “filial piety” is one of the primary conditions for the official to be killed.But the ancients also said: “a long hospital bed without a filial son, a long poor home without a wife.”Four years ago, police in Guangdong province received a report from a woman that her father had died in their home.After the police arrived, the scene was investigated, and there was no sign of intrusion. The deceased was lying on the bed, sallow and thin, with excrement on the body, but there were no scars. According to the woman who reported the crime, Xiao Li, her father was paralyzed due to illness and probably died of natural causes.But in the forensic autopsy report found something was wrong, the death of Lu mou was a long time of receptor position restriction failed to eat water and electrolyte disorders resulting in multiple organ failure leading to death.Popular point is not water rice starved to death, no wonder Xiao Li to report.But after visiting investigation, the police found that Xiao Li is also one of the culprits that lead to Lu mou starving to death.Finally xiaoli and mother Xu was arrested by the police, is they killed Lu?In fact, Lu mou has a happy family, and his wife Xu although there is no passion for love, but mutual support for many years, her daughter also graduated from university to work, a few more years can unload the burden of life at ease pension.But the accident always comes unprepared, five years ago at the end of the year, he suddenly fainted in the home, unconscious, was sent to the hospital by his wife, finally saved a life, unfortunately, he suffered from acute cerebral stroke, can only be paralyzed in bed, life can not take care of themselves, can only be taken care of by his wife and daughter.He struggled for this family for most of his life, suffering from this disease is also very helpless, if you can, who is willing to become the burden of the family.In order to treat him, the family spent a lot of money, but his wife and daughter still did not give up on him, took him to several hospitals for treatment, but little effect, and finally the family savings are spent.At first his wife and daughter took good care of him.Because please can not afford to care for workers, Xu mou resigned at home to serve him to eat and drink, his daughter Xiao Li is to go to work subsidies, but she is just an ordinary staff, wages are not high, pressure is also relatively big.Money was not the last straw for the family. It was hard to take care of a paralyzed patient.In addition to the pressure from the economy, there are day after day can not see the hope of boredom, take care of the time is longer, Xu mou’s temper is more irritable, in the eyes of Xu mou and Xiaoli once tall back has become a burden on the home, let them physically and mentally exhausted.Three months later, Xu could not bear it, he directly sent Lu to her husband’s home, let his mother take care of him, out to make money.She would rather earn more money for them than take care of patients.However, Lu is already in his 50s, and his mother is in her 70s. They all need to be taken care of. How can they have the energy to take care of their paralyzed son?The abandonment of his wife and daughter also hurt him.Looked at has double supported by white mother, he can’t tolerate her age, and also worry for himself, so he let mother contacted his two friends and relatives, central they will be sent back to their home, but in the door, only to find that the door was locked, very not easy into the room, no one in the house, they had to contact Lu Mou wife, let her come back quickly.But Xu mou don’t pick up the phone at all, don’t need to pick up she also know what the content of this call is, is not to let her lu Mou pick up home.Not only did she not answer, she also told her daughter not to answer her father’s and relatives’ phone calls, intending to leave the “trouble” to lu’s relatives.Xiao Li is also really cruel, even directly hung up his father’s phone, but also shielded his contact information.Lu’s younger brother was angry enough, direct message to tell Xu, Lu has been sent home, let her do.As a result, Xu and Xiao Li simply did not go home, to live with relatives.Lu’s friends and relatives can not do, they can not have been there to take care of Lu, can only repeatedly call and send text messages to remind Xu, Lu a person at home, if no one to take care of, can not live.But Xu mou and small beautiful turn a deaf ear, go to work of go to work, work of work, as if the home had never had lu Mou this person.They may want to force Lu’s relatives and friends to pick it up in this way, thinking that others can not be left alone.But the last thing you should do is leave them alone.8 days later, Lu mou was starved to death, such a tragedy is actually his wife and daughter caused, how do not let a person chill.According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, a person who has the obligation to support an old person, a young person, a sick person or another person who has no ability to live independently refuses to support him or her, which is a crime of abandonment.Lu was paralyzed in bed, unable to take care of himself, his wife Xu and daughter Xiao Li as a member of the family, have the obligation to support, so the two are suspected of abandonment.Article 261 of the Criminal Law stipulates that whoever commits the crime of abandonment, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.Although the trial, Xu mou said he did not receive SMS did not know he was a person at home, but the record on the mobile phone will not lie, and in the third day of Lu mou home, residential monitoring shows that she had appeared at the door, found that the lights at home is bright, but did not enter the door, she is aware of all this.And its female listen to her arrangement, as an accessory, the first instance xu mou was sentenced to 4 years in prison, Xiao Li was sentenced to two years in prison.The two appealed.The second trial of Xiao Li’s defense, said he did not know his father a person at home, about his father’s things she is to listen to the mother’s arrangement, and did not abandon his father’s idea, otherwise will not earn money to treat his illness, and finally the police.Finally, the court took into account the grandmother issued a letter of understanding for her, the second instance of Xiaoli lenient punishment, changed to two years in prison, suspended for three years, xu still maintain the original sentence.A long illness is indeed a torturing thing, but by analogy, if one day they become seriously ill, abandoned by their loved ones, how desperate will it be?Think in turn, even his own relatives can be abandoned, how to let a person rest assured in moral character respect, plus had record, after small Beautiful is afraid when looking for a job and object, want to pay bill for his mistake.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.

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