Jianyang District Party Committee mainly led the investigation of epidemic prevention and control and grid management

Morning of January 24, jianyang district party committee secretary Wei Duisheng deep pool city street community health service center, yellow huashan community, community construction, jianyang bus station, yong hui supermarket (ShuiNa shop), children’s swimming a farmers’ market, shore zhang clinics, five TongZiShan community survey epidemic prevention and control and the grid management, district party committee office, big DuZhaBan, epidemic prevention and control command to participate in research.In the community research, Wei Dunsheng required that we should strictly implement the grid management “1233” work method, tighten the three-level grid leader responsibility, keep a close watch on the floating personnel, new arrivals and returning personnel, establish and improve the dynamic database, and earnestly implement the “daily report, zero report” system for key groups returning to their hometown.At the same time, grid staff should do a good job of big data mapping and sorting pushed by the provincial government, assist in the implementation of closed-loop management, and tighten the grid prevention and control defense.Wei dunsheng stressed that normal prevention and control measures in crowded places such as supermarkets, farmers’ markets, hotels and railway stations should not only stay on the mouth and wall, but also be implemented, detailed and in place, such as code checking, temperature measurement, one-meter noodles, wearing masks and ventilation.All responsible units should attach great importance to the problems and weak links found in the process of research, and promptly rectify them in place and thoroughly.At the same time, the prevention and control measures of hospital infection should be comprehensively strengthened in medical institutions, especially grass-roots clinics and health centers, and the bottom line of hospital infection prevention and control should be strictly observed.(Author: Wu Han) Produced by: Jianyang Rong Media Center Editor: Jin Juanli Duty Director: Lin Xi Review: Wu Shuyuan Email: jyxwbjb@163.com

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