My wife was set up by my friend, so I was single during the Spring Festival

Labor is a virtue, once labor is a kind of physical injury, my wife was hurt in this way.A month and a half ago, my wife was at home with her granddaughter, suddenly received a call from her friend, a hotel near our community is short of staff, let my wife to help for a few days.My wife retired a few years, but after a lifetime trying to buy the gold section between two shops, ought to enjoy a happy life after retirement, odd jobs like this should not go to work, my wife don’t want to go and see, her face before you go to I would advocate, said her cervical vertebra is bad, and high blood pressure, is not suitable for the heavy physical work.She said look, at home idle is idle, look and do not have to do.More than one o ‘clock in the afternoon, more than eight o ‘clock in the evening dragged the tired body back, she said to adapt to the first half a day, see if you can stem down.The main work in the hotel is cleaning the rooms, changing bedding, sheets, cleaning supplies and so on. The basic salary is 2000 yuan, and the commission is estimated to be more than 4000 yuan.Her friend said that she usually got off work at 5:00 PM, did not mistakenly pick up her grandson after school, breakfast and lunch free of charge in the hotel and other good news.Wife though is a small and exquisite frail woman, in my eyes is actually a far afraid tired woman man, have a kind of tenacious perseverance, follow me to do business not less hardships when he was young, like the clean up the room in the hotel, clean health is a piece of cake, the second day I block is officially go to work would have.As close to the Spring Festival, the hotel’s business, order room full every day, also don’t have a holiday, the Spring Festival is almost every day about ten o ‘clock in the evening to go home, looking at her drawling expression, heart hurts like a knife cut, the wife tired don’t want to say more words, even if I carefully prepared dishes, is unappealing to her,Eat a few meals and then take a bath and go to bed, every day I am crazy, every day can imagine her busy figure in the hotel, although I am at home, the heart is uncertain to her work.Hotel people are almost in the room to drink, play cards, open the hour room, check out the room in a mess, it is difficult to clean, want to resign must apply for half a month in advance, really her friend pit dead, five or six hours off work commitment?And not interfere with picking up the grandchildren from school?The wife is the body tired, I am the heart tired, a recent period of time unlifelike the existence of a single dog.During the Spring Festival, you can’t go out with her, accompany your granddaughter to the playground, go to the supermarket, go to the movies, visit relatives and friends and other entertainment activities.Must speak clearly with wife today, must resign, tired out of trouble, want money to have what use?Alas!One’s loneliness is not the fault of two people.

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